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TSPSC Departmental Tests 2018 Revised Exam dates Notification November-2017 Session Apply Online, Hall Tickets

TSPSC Departmental Tests 2018 November- 2017 Session.  Notification- Exam dates, Hall Tickets, Online Applications
Telangana State Public Service Commission :: Hyderabad. Departmental Tests - Novemer - 2017 Session. Notification No.65/2017- Exam Dates Apply Online . Applications are invited On-line from the employees of Telangana State through the proforma made available on the Official WEBSITE of the Commission . Departmental Examinations for November-2017 Session will be held from 10-02-2018 to 16-02-2018 at (9) District Head Quarters of Telangana state including Hyderabad District. The candidates may apply online for the same from 18-12-2017 to 08-01-2018. For details and other necessary information, the candidates are instructed to go through the Notification carefully which will be available on the Commission’s official web-site from 16-12-2017 onwards.

As per the Public Service Commission Regulations, Telangana State Public Service Commission conducts Departmental Examinations for employees working in various Departments under State Government of Telangana. The Commission conducts Departmental Examinations twice a year i.e., in May and November for the promotions to the employees. ts departmental test nov/ may session notification 2017 online tsplication at official website, got notification, eot exam fee payment. tspsc departmental test exam time table, eligibility, how to tsply account test,, tspsc departmental tests notification wise results, hall ticket details,tspsc departmental tests list of successful candidates, tspsc departmental tests view hall ticket details, tspsc departmental tests notification wise results and view hall tickets details,departmental test 2017 ,tspsc departmental test 2017,departmental test results.  tspsc departmental test notification,tspsc departmental test 2017 notification, tspsc departmental test 2017 results,tsp sc departmental exam results,tsp sc departmental test.

Telangana State Public Service Commission :: Hyderabad. Departmental Tests - Nov - 2017 Session. Notification No.65 /2017.
1. Applications are invited On-line from the employees of Telangana State through the proforma made available on the Official WEBSITE of the Commission for Departmental Tests November -2017 Session scheduled to be held from 10/02/2018 to 16/02/2018 at (9) District Head Quarters of Telangana State including Hyderabad centre.

2. The Tests will be held in accordance with the T.S Departmental Test Rules – 1965 adopted vide G.O.Ms.No 191, General Administration (Ser.C) Dept Dt: 27-05-2016.

The desirous candidates may apply ON-LINE by satisfying themselves with the terms and conditions of the notification following Department Test Rules, and subsequent amendments to the Rules made from time to time.

3. Hand written / Typed / Photostat copies / printed Application forms will not be accepted and such applications are liable for rejection.

Examination centers:
(i)  All The Departmental Tests, Except “Departmental Test For The Staff Of TSPSC, Divisional Test, Departmental Test For T.S. Works Accounts Service & Accounts Test For Executive Officers Will Be Held At All The District Head Quarters   Including Hyderabad City. However The Departmental Test For The Staff Of Tspsc, Divisional Test & Departmental Test For T.S. Works Accounts Service & Accounts Test For Executive Officers Will Be Held At Hyderabad Centre Only.

(ii) The candidates working in Govt Service shall be admitted at the respective District Centre only , where the candidate is presently working as mentioned in the application. The Commission, however reserves right to allot candidates to any  centre  other  than the  centre  where  the  candidate  is  working/chosen  or abolish a centre and or to create a new centre for administrative reasons.

Examination Centres:
 CODE NO   DISTRICT NAME  CODE NO DISTRICT  NAME       Note : The Commission reserves right to allot candidates to any centre other than the centre chosen where the candidate is working or abolish a centre and or to create a new centre for administrative reasons.
  1   ADILABAD   6   MEDAK

Important Dates:
1. Date of Issue of Notification : 16/12/2017
2. Date of Commencement for applying on-line : 18/12/20177
3. Last date for submission of application on-line : 08/01/2018
4. Last date for payment of fee : 08/01/2018
5. Schedule of Examinations : 10/02/2018 to 16/02/2018
6. Hall Tickets will be hosted on official Web-site  for downloading : 07 days before commencement of  Examination.(01/02/2018)

APPLY  ONLINE for TSPSC Departmental Tests Nov 2017  Session

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TSPSC Departmental Tests 2018 Nov 2017 Session Hall Tickets Download

#TSPSC Dept test Nov 2017 session Hall Tickets


PAPER                                  NAMOTHPAPE(TEST)        SCHEMCODE

  10/02/2018 SATURDAY FORENOON  9.00 AM TO 11.00 AM

8.        The Accounts Tesfor Subordinate Officers Part-(WITH BOOKS)

10/02/2018 SATURDAY AFTERNOON 2.00 PM TO 4.00 PM

1.        Subordinate Accounts Service Examination, Paper-(WITH BOOKS)
2.        Deputy Inspector's Test, First Pape(WITH BOOKS)
3.        Excise DepartmenTest, Test-Civil and Criminal law (WITH BOOKS)
10.      Accounts Test for SubordinatOfficersPart-I(WITH BOOKS)
26.      Departmental Tesfor Officers of the Forest Department, Forest Law  Second Paper
31.      Treasuries & Accounts Service Examination, Part-I, Paper-(WITH BOOKS)
33.      JaiDepartment Test, Paper-(WITH BOOKS)
39.      Fire Service DepartmenTestPart-I(WITH BOOKS)
45.      The Civil Judicial TestPart-(WITH BOOKS)
50.      Departmental Tesfor Officers of the Telangana State Agriculture Service
51.      Animal Husbandry Department Test (WITH BOOKS)
60.      Departmental Tesfor the Employees of Telangana State Government LifInsurance
Department, First Pape(WITH BOOKS)
149.    Departmental Tesfor thGazetted and Non-Gazetted Stafof the Telangana State
Public Service Commission (WITH BOOKS)

11/02/201  SUNDA FORENOON  9.00AM TO 11.00 AM

9.        Subordinate Accounts Service Examination, Paper-I(WITH BOOKS)
12.      Deputy Inspector's Test, Second Paper (WITH BOOKS)
13.      Excise DepartmenTest, Test-B - Acts and Rules (WITH BOOKS)
14.      Accounts Test for Public Works Workshop Officers, Paper-(WITH BOOKS)
44.       Departmental Tesfor TelanganState Works Accounts Service, Part-IPaper-(WITBOOKS)
46.      Treasuries & Accounts Service Examination, Part-IIPaper-(WITH BOOKS)
48.      JaiDepartment Test, Paper-I(WITH BOOKS)
52.      Registration Department Test, Group-I, Paper-(WITH BOOKS)
61.      Departmental Tesfor Officers of the Forest Department, Land Revenue Second
68.      Departmental Tesfor Employees of the Telangana State Government LifInsurance
Department, Second Pape(WITH BOOKS)
77.      The Indian Evidence Act Tes(WITH BOOKS)
106.    Transport Department Test Part-(WITH BOOKS)
131.    Departmental Tesfor Government Press Officers (WITH BOOKS)
132.    Departmental Tesfor Officers anMinisteriaStaff of the Stationery, printing and stores
Purchase Department(WITH BOOKS)
152.    Departmental Tesfor Tech. Staff in the Telangana State Electrical Inspectorate Service
156.     Juvenile Welfare Correctional Services Welfare of streeChildren Test Part-Paper-I(With Books)

11/02/201  SUNDAY   AFTERNOON 2.00 PM TO 4.00 PM

4.        Departmental Tesfor Clerks in the Police Departmen(WITH BOOKS)
20.      Deputy Inspector's Test, Third Paper (WITH BOOKS)
23.      Subordinate Accounts Service Examination, Paper-II(WITH BOOKS)
29.      Accounts Test for Public Works Workshop Officers, Paper-I(WITH BOOKS)
35.      Excise DepartmenTest, Test-CExcise Manual-Second Paper (WITH BOOKS)
64.      Treasuries & Accounts Service Examination, Part-I, Paper-I(WITH BOOKS)
66.      JaiDepartment Test, Paper-II(WITH BOOKS)
70.      Registration Department TestGroup-I, Paper-I(WITH BOOKS)
78.       Departmental Tesfor TelanganState. Works Accounts Service, Part-IPaper-I(WITH BOOKS)
86.      Departmental Tesfor thOfficers othe ForesDepartmentOffice Procedure and
Accounts - Second Paper (WITH BOOKS)
124.    Transport Department TestPart-I(WITH BOOKS)
140     Departmental Tesfor Accountants TelanganState. Electrical Department
144.    The Agriculture DepartmenTest (WITH BOOKS)
147.    The civil Judicial Test Part-IIPaper-II (WITH BOOKS)
157.     Juvenile Welfare CorrectionaServices and Welfare of Street Children Test Part-I Paper-II. (With Books)

12/02/201 MONDA FORENOON  9.00AM TO 11.00AM

18.      The Revenue TestPart-I First Pape(WITH BOOKS)
34.      Subordinate Accounts Service Examination, Paper-IV (WITH BOOKS)
71.      Excise DepartmenTest, Test-DDistillery Manual - Second Paper (WITH BOOKS)
79.      Treasuries & Accounts Service Examination, Part-IIPaper-I(WITH BOOKS)
82.      JaiDepartment Test, Paper-I(WITH BOOKS)
83.      Registration Department TestGroup-IIPaper-III (WITH BOOKS)
88.       Departmental Tesfor Gazetted Officers of the Education Department, First Pape(WITH BOOKS)
99.      Departmental Tesfor T.S Works Accounts Service Part-II, Paper-II(WITBOOKS)
107.    Departmental Tesfor persons in MinisteriaService of the Forest Department
Part-IPaper-(WITH BOOKS)
108.    The Criminal Judicial Test Second Paper (WITH BOOKS)
146.    Accounts Test fothe Employees of Local Bodies, Paper-I(WITH BOOKS)
151.    Marketing Department Test (WITH BOOKS)
158.     Juvenile Welfare Correctional anwelfare of Street Children Test Part-II, Paper-III(With Books)

12/02/201 MONDAY AFTERNOON 2.00 PM TO 4.00 PM

27.      The Revenue Test Part-I, Second Paper (WITH BOOKS)
40.      Labour, Factories and Boilers DepartmenTest, Part-B (WITH BOOKS)
84.      Local Fund AudiDepartment Test, First Paper (WITH BOOKS)
89.      Treasuries & Accounts Service Examination, Part-I, Paper-II(WITH BOOKS)
92.       Departmental Tesfor Officers of the .T.S Commercial Taxes Subordinate Service, First Pape(WITH BOOKS)
94.      Registration Department TestGroup-III, Paper-IV (WITH BOOKS)
97.       Departmental Tesfor Gazetted Officers of the Education DepartmentSecond Paper (WITH BOOKS)
128.    Departmental Tesfor T.S. Works Accounts Service, Part-IIPaper-IV(WITBOOKS)
136.    The Criminal Judicial Test, Fourth Paper. (WITH BOOKS)
139.     Departmental Tesfor Persons in MinisteriaService of the Forest Department, Part-IIPaper-II(WITH BOOKS)
148.    Accounts Test fothe Employees of Local Bodies Paper-I(WITH BOOKS)
159.     Juvenile Welfare Correctional services and Welfarof Street Children Test Part-IIPaperIV(With Books)

14/02/2018 WEDNESDAY FORENOON- 9.00 AM TO 11.00 AM

43.       The Revenue Test, Part-II (WITH BOOKS)
57.       Labour, Factories and Boilers Department Test, Part-(WITH BOOKS)
93.       Local Fund Audit Department Test, Second Paper (WITH BOOKS)
95.       Fisheries Department Test, (WITH BOOKS)
100.     Treasuries & Accounts Service Examination, Part-II, Paper-III (WITH BOOKS)
137.     The AccountTest for Public Works Department Officers & Subordinates, Paper-I (WITH BOOKS)
138.     Divisional Test Part-II, Paper-(WITH BOOKS)
141.     The Accounts Test for ExecutivOfficers (WITH BOOKS)
153.     Departmental Test for Non-Tech. Stafithe T.S.ElectricaInspectoratService. (WITH BOOKS)

14/02/2018 WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 2.00 PTO 4.00 PM

62.       The Revenue Test, Part-III (WITH BOOKS)
75.       Labour, Factories and Boilers Department Test, Part-(WITH BOOKS)
102.     Departmental Test for Officers of the T.S. Commercial Taxes Subordinate Service, Second
105.     Local Fund Audit Department Test, ThirPaper (WITH BOOKS)
114.     Treasurie&AccountService Examination Part-I Paper-IV. (WITH BOOKS)
126.     Endowments Departmental Test, Paper-II. (WITH BOOKS)
142.     The AccountTest for Public Works Department Officers and SubordinatePaper-II. (WITH BOOKS)


15.       Fisheries Department Test-II, First Paper (WITHOUT BOOKS)
19.       The Translation Test, First Paper - Translatiofrom English intthe Language chosen
(WITHOUBOOKS) 3 hours (2.00 PM to 5.00PM)
30.       Divisional Test, Part-I, Paper-I (WITHOUT BOOKS)
32.       Departmental Test for Employees oSericulturDepartment, Part-I, Paper-I (WITHOUBOOKS)
37.       Special Language Test for Officers othe Education Department, Higher Standard
(WITHOUT BOOKS) 3hours (2.00 PM to 5.00 PM)
47.       Departmental Test for Employees oSericulturDepartment, Part-II Paper-I (WITHOUBOOKS)

15/02/2018 THURSDA FORENOON-9.00 AM TO 11.00AM

129.     Treasuries & Accounts Service Examination, Part-II, Paper-I(WITH BOOKS)
16.       Fire Service Department Test, Part-I First Paper (WITHOUT BOOKS)
17.       Departmental Test for Officers of the Forest Department, Forest Law - First Paper
21.       Excise Department Test, Test-C Excise Manual First Paper (WITHOUT BOOKS)
24.       Fisheries Department Test-II, Second Paper (WITHOUT BOOKS)
36.       Special Language Test for Officers othe Education Department, Lower Standard -Written
Examination, First Paper-Translation from English into a LanguagChosen (WITHOUBOOKS) hour(9:00 AM To 12:00Noon)
63.       Divisional Test Part-I, Paper-II (WITHOUT BOOKS)
65.       Departmental Test for Employees oSericulturDepartment, Part-I, Paper-II
69.       RevenuDraughtsman's Test, Part - I (WITHOUT BOOKS)
3hour(9:00AM To 12:0Noon)
80.       Departmental Test for Employees oSericulturDepartment, Part-II, Paper-II (WITHOUBOOKS)
96.       Departmental Test for the Stafothe National Employment Service Part-I (WITHOUBOOKS)
98.       The Criminal Judicial Test, First Paper (WITHOUT BOOKS)
109.     Surveyor's Test (Higher Grade), Part-I (WITHOUT BOOKS)
3hour(9:00 AM To 12:0Noon)
110.     Survey and Settlement Surveyor's Test (Higher Grade), Part-I (WITHOUT BOOKS)
3 hours (9:00 AM To 12:00 Noon)
111.     Surveyor's Test (Lower Grade), Part-I (WITHOUBOOKS)
3 hours (9:00 AM To 12:00 Noon)
112.     Survey and Settlement Surveyor's Test (Lower Grade), Part-I (WITHOUT BOOKS)
3 hours (9:00 AM To 12:0Noon)
116.     Survey Inspector's Test, Part-I (WITHOUT BOOKS) 3 hours (9:00 AM To 12:00Noon)
117.     Survey and Settlement Inspector's Test, Part-I (WITHOUT BOOKS)
3 hour(9:00 AM To 12:0Noon)

15/02/2018 THURSDAY AFTERNOON - 2.00 PM TO 4.00 PM

25.      Fire Service DepartmenTestPart-I Second Paper (WITHOUT BOOKS)
41.      Departmental Tesfor Chief and Deputy Chief Accountants in the Telangana State
Electricity Department, Paper-(WITHOUT BOOKS)
42.      Departmental Tesfor Officers of the Forest Department, Land Revenue - First Paper
49.       Special Language Test for Officers of the Education Department, Lower Standard Written Examinatio-Second Paper - Translation from the Language chosen into English (WITHOUT BOOKS)3hours (2:00 PTo 5:00 PM)
56.      Fisheries DepartmenTest-IIThird Paper (WITHOUT BOOKS)
58.       Special Language Test for Officers of Education Department (Advanced Standard) First Paper (WITHOUT BOOKS)3hours (2:00 PM To 5:00 PM)
81.      Divisional Test, Part-II, Paper-II(WITHOUT BOOKS) (Two hours only)
90.       Departmental Test for Employees of Sericulture Department, Part-I, Paper-II(WITHOUBOOKS)
101.    Departmental Tesfor Employees of Sericulture Department, Part-IIPaper-III
104.    Departmental Tesfor the Stafof NationaEmployment Service, Part-II
118.    Surveyor's Test (Higher Grade)Part-I(WITHOUT BOOKS)
3hours (2:00 PM To 5:00 PM)
119.     Survey and Settlement Surveyor's Test, (HigheGrade), Part-I(WITHOUBOOKS)3hours (2:00 PM To 5:00 PM)
120.    Surveyor's Test (Lower Grade)Part-I(WITHOUT BOOKS)
3hours (2:00 PM To 5:00 PM)
121.     Survey and Settlement Surveyor's Test (Lower Grade), Part-I(WITHOUBOOKS)3hours (2:00 PM To 5:00 PM)
123.    Local Fund AudiDepartment Test Fourth Paper (WITHOUT BOOKS)
127.    The Criminal Judicial Test, Third Pape(WITHOUT BOOKS)
133.    Survey Inspector's TestPart-I(WITHOUT BOOKS)3hours (2:00 PTo 5:00 PM)
134.    Survey Settlement Inspector’s Test Part-I(WITHOUT BOOKS)3hours (2:00 PM To
5:00 PM)
135.    Computation TestPart-I(WITHOUT BOOKS)3hours (2:00 PM To 5:00 PM)

16/02/2018 FRIDAY FORENOON - 9.00 AM TO 11.00AM

22.      Labour, Factories and Boilers DepartmenTest, Part-A
i) Dist. Office Manua(WITHOUT BOOKS)
ii) Manuafor ConciliatioOfficers (WITH BOOKS)
53.      Subordinate Accounts Service Examination, Paper-V (WITHOUT BOOKS)
54.      Excise DepartmenTest, Test-Distillery Manual - First Paper (WITHOUT BOOKS)
59.      Departmental Tesfor the Chief and Deputy Chief Accountants in T.SElectricity
Department, Paper-I(WITHOUT BOOKS)
67.       Special Language Test for Officers of the Education Department, Lower Standard Written Examination, Third Paper - Grammar and Idiom (WITHOUT BOOKS)
3hours (9:00AM To 12:00 Noon)
74.       Special Language Test for Officers of the Education Departmen(Advanced StandardSecond Paper (WITHOUT BOOKS)3hours (9:00AM To 12:00 Noon)
76.      Departmental Tesfor Officers of the Forest DepartmentOffice Procedure and
Accounts, First Pape(WITHOUT BOOKS)
85.      Fisheries DepartmenTest  II, Fourth Pape(WITHOUT BOOKS)
87.      Revenue Draughtsman's Test, Part-I(WITHOUT BOOKS)3hours (9:00AM To 12:00
103.    Endowments DepartmenTest,First Paper (WITHOUT BOOKS)
113.    Divisional Test, part-IIpaper-I(WITHOUT BOOKS)
115.     Departmental Test for Employees of Sericulture Department, Part-I, Paper-IV
125.      Departmental Test for Persons in MinisteriaService of the Forest DepartmenPart-IPaper -I(WITHOUT BOOKS)
130.    Departmental Tesfor Employees of Sericulture Department, Part-IIPaper-IV

145.    The civil Judicial Test Part-IIPaper-(WITHOUT BOOKS)
150.    Departmental Tesfor Mines and Geology(WITHOUT BOOKS)

16/02/2018 FRIDAY AFTERNOON - 2.00 PM TO 4.00 PM

5.         Second Class Language Test Part-A Written Examination, Translation from English intthe language chosen (WITHOUT BOOKS(Two hours only).
6.         Examination in Gujarathi Language, Part-A Written Examination (WITHOUBOOKS)3hours (2:00 PM To 5:00PM)
7.        Examination in Marwari Language, Part-A Written Examination (WITHOUT
BOOKS)3hours (2:00 PM To 5:00PM)
28.      The Translation Test, Second Paper - Translation from the Language chosen into
English (WITHOUT BOOKS)3hours (2:00 PTo 5:00PM)
122.    Computation TestPart-(WITHOUT BOOKS) 3 hours (2.00 PM TO 5.00 PM)
143.     Departmental Tesfor Employees of sericulture Department Part-II, Paper-V.(WITHOUBOOKS)

154.     Departmental Tesfor Employees of Sericulture Department, Part-II(Practical Test.)(WITHOUT BOOKS)

155      Third Class Language Test (Viva-Voce only) (The datetime anvenue othe viva-voce will be communicated to the candidates separately at the appropriate time).

Eligibility to Appear For The Tests:
(i) Only the employees working in the respective departments of Telangana State are eligible to apply for the tests mentioned below. However, Secretariat employees wherever the rules permit are allowed to appear for any Departmental Test in order to get eligibility for appointment by transfer/ promotion to other Services, on payment of the prescribed fee.
a) Commercial Taxes Department: Paper Code No:6& 7. (Written Examination)
b) Treasuries and Accounts Department: Paper Code No: 31,46,64,79,89,100,114 and 129.
N.B:- Typists-cum-Assts. working in Finance and Planning (Finance Wing) are also eligible to appear for the Treasuries & Accounts Service Examination.
c) Sericulture Department: Paper Code No:32,47,65,80,90,101,115,130  and 143.
d) Mines & Geology Department: Paper Code No: 150 only.
e) Divisional Test: Paper Code No: 30, 63, 81,113 & 138.
f) Works Accounts Service: Paper Code No: 44, 78, 99, and 128.
g) Workshop Officers: Paper Code No: 14 & 29.
h) A.P. Public Service Commission: Paper Code No: 149.
N.B: The respective Service Rules should be referred to by the candidates for deciding the eligibility or otherwise to apply for the Tests.
(ii) The following Tests bearing Paper Code numbers are open to all, whether the applicant is in Government Service or not. Paper Code No. 5, 8, 10, 18, 19, 27, 28, 36, 43, 45, 49, 62, 67, 77, 98, 108, 127, 136, 137, 141, 142, 144 to 148 and 155.
(iii) Other Tests can be written by any Government Servant, whether working in the same Department or not those who have already passed the test should not apply again. if any such case comes up to the notice of the commission, he/she is liable for severe disciplinary action by the department besides cancellation of the test passed second time by him/her.


i) All the Tests except the Language and Survey Tests will be in Objective Mode.
ii) P.C.Nos. 5,6,7,19,28,36,49,67,37,58,74 pertaining to Language papers and P.C.Nos. 69,87,109,110,111,112,116,117,118,119,120,121,122,133,134 & 135 of Survey & Settlement papers will be conducted in Conventional/Descriptive Mode.
iii) The Duration for all objective type tests shall be of (2) Hours and duration for descriptive type tests shall be of (3) Hours except for second class language test which will be of two (2) Hours duration as per the G.O.Ms.No.288, GA(Ser.c) Dept., 10/09/2014.
iv) The Candidates appearing for Conventional papers (Descriptive Exams) will be supplied answer books attached to O.M.R Sheet and the candidates have to answer in the answer book with Blue or Black Pen only.
v) The Question Papers for Departmental Tests will be in English only. However for (i) "Surveyor’s Test" (Higher Grade / Lower Grade) (ii) “Survey and Settlement Surveyor’s Test" (Higher Grade / Lower Grade) and (iii) "Translation Tests", question papers will be in the chosen language, besides English.

Mode of Examination  Duration of the ExaminationTimings
  Objective Type  2 Hours (120 Minutes)  9.00 am to 11.00 am2.00 pm to 4.00 pm
  Conventional Type3 Hours (180 Minutes)9.00 am to 12.00 Noon  2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Remittance of fee:
a) The fee payable for each paper mentioned in the Time-Table of this notification shall be Rs. 50/- (Rupees fifty only). However, no fee is prescribed for the Tests in Gujarathi and Marwari Languages.
b) As mentioned above, The applicants should pay Rs.50/- for each paper towards Examination fee in addition to the Application fee payable to the Secretary, T.S. Public Service Commission, Hyderabad through Net-Banking/IMPS/Debit/Credit Card from 18/07/2017 to 31/07/ 2017.

How to Apply:
Mode of Payment of Fee:
I Step: The Candidate has to logon to the WEBSITE ( and enter his/her necessary details like Name, Father's Name, Date of Birth, and papers to be applied.
II Step: Immediately on entering the above details the Applicant will get Challan Form to pay the Fee at State Bank of India /TS Online centers.
III Step: The Applicant should pay the prescribed Fee in any one of the State Bank of India /TS Online centers and obtain Fee paid challan with Journal Number in the first instance.
IV Step: On the next working day after payment of Fee the Applicant should again visit WEBSITE and enter the Journal Number details to get the format of Application. The applicant has to invariably fill all the columns in the Application and should submit ON-LINE.
V Step: Those candidates who need assistance of Scribe are requested to apply for the same directly to the Commission. They should mention the Application ID Number and enclose Copy of the Medical Certificate along with a representation.
VI Step:  The duration of all tests shall be two (2) hours (except few tests)
VII Step: Candidates who are writing the examination in objective Type are advised to hand over the original OMR sheet to the invigilator and can take carbonless OMR sheet copy along with them.

Special Conditions Prescribed for Certain Tests
a) Candidate applying for "Departmental Test for Mines and Geology" should furnish the period of service completed in the Application Form.

b) Divisional Test:
Senior Assistants working in the Offices of Director of Accounts in Projects and Accounts Branches of the Divisions of the P.W.D. (R&B), Irrigation Branch, Public Health Engg. Department and Panchayat Raj Engg. Department and Ports Department who have been working as such for a period of three years or more are allowed to appear for this examination. Superintendents working in the above Departments are also allowed to appear for the examination. Senior Assistant/ Superintendents working in the Divisions of P.W. Engineering Departments i.e., State Government Employees are only eligible for appearing Divisional Test.

They should download and fill the service certificate which is available in the Commission's Website showing the service rendered in the Category of Senior Assistant in Engineering Department and get the signature with Seal of the Controlling Officer of parent department as per the particulars shown in their Service Register. The Service Certificate duly signed by the Controlling Officer should be scanned and uploaded.

Otherwise their applications will be summarily rejected. Local Body Employees may also apply for this Test. But their admission is provisional, subject to their eligibility as per G.O.Ms.No. 86, Finance & Planning (FW.WA-1) Department, dt. 22/05/1998. Commerce graduates who claim exemption from passing Paper-I of Part-I of Divisional Test should furnish information in the Application Form. Failing which, their Applications are not considered for exemption of Paper-I of Part-I of the Divisional Test.
c) Candidates appearing for Fisheries Department Test-II should furnish the information regarding satisfactory completion of training from the State Fisheries Training Institute, Kakinada in the Application Form.
d) Candidates appearing for Criminal Judicial Test with Law Qualification should furnish the information in the Application Form to seek exemption from passing Paper-I & II of the above Test, failing which their Applications will not be considered for exemption from passing Papers I & II of the Test.
e) Candidates appearing for Sericulture Department Test, Part-III (Paper Code No. 154 - Practical Test) must pass Part - I of the Test consisting 4 papers and that they are required to furnish the information in the Application Form.
f) All papers of objective type 2 hours only.
g) Language Test paper code No.5,6,7,19,28,37,49,67,36,58,74 and surveys & Settlement 69,87,109,118,110,119,111,120,112,121,116,133,117,134,122,135 (written exam) is in conventional Type.
h)  The duration of tests of objective type & descriptive type pattern is as per the G.0.Ms. No.288, GA(Ser. c) Dept., dt:10/09/2014.

1) Candidates  according to  Para-5(b) & (c) of  the Departmental Tests  Notification are only eligible, other than Department candidates are not eligible. If candidates applied other than Department liable for rejection and also debarment.

2) Certifying officers have to verify the records whether he/she has been completed 3years of minimum service in the category of Sr.Asst.

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#TSPSC Departmental Tests May-Nov Session wise Results

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