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TSPSC Gurukulam Teachers recruitment CBRT Examination-Instructions to the Candidates

TSPSC Gurukulam Teachers recruitment CBRT Examination – Instructions to  the Candidates
TSPSC Gurukulam Teachers recruitment CBRT Examination-Instructions to the Candidates: TSPSC Gurukulam Teachers recruitment Offline, Online Examination instructions to Candidates. TSPSC residential Teachers recruitment exam instructions to CandidatesTspsc Gurukulams Teachers recruitment exam instructions to Candidates, TSPSC Instructions to Candidates for Gurukulam Teachers,Non teaching posts recruitment, TSPSC Offline OMR Based Exam instructions, TSPSC Online Examination Instructions, reis posts recruitment instruction, Gurukulam posts recruitment exam instructions.   Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) has published a recruitment notification for 7,306 Gurukulam Teaching non teaching posts vacancies under Residential Educational Institutions Societies  on 13/04/2017.  General Instructions to Candidates,  Instructions regarding Offline OMR based Examination for Candidates, Instructions regarding Online Examination for Candidates details are given here.

TSPSC Instructions for Gurukulam Exams

Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) had issued notification for the recruitment of 7,306 posts in the Gurukul Ashram Schools in the state. TSPSC Gurukulam Teaching Non Teaching Posts Recruitment 2017 Applications are invited Online from qualified candidates through the proforma Application to be made available on Commission’s WEBSITE ( from 10/02 /2017 to Dt. 04/03/2017.As per the notification, 4,362 TGT (Trained Graduate Teachers), 921 PGT( PG Teachers), 616 PET (Physical Education Trainees), 372 art teachers, 195 music teachers, 533 staff nurses and 256 librarians were among the posts to be filled through a competitive exam to be conducted by the service commission.

TSPSC Instructions  for TS GURUKULAM CBRT Exams 2017:

1. The hall ticket must be presented for verification along with at least one original (no photocopy or scanned copy) valid identification card (for example: Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar-UID, Government Employer ID and Driving License)

2. This hall ticket is valid only if the candidate’s photograph and signature images are legible. To ensure this print the hall ticket on A4 sized paper using a laser printer, preferably a colour photo printer.

3. The candidates who do not have clear photographs on the hall ticket will have to bring two passport size photographs for appearing in the Test with an undertaking.

4. Candidates will be permitted to appear for the examination ONLY after their credentials are verified by centre officials.

5. Candidates will be subjected to frisking to ensure that you are not carrying any electronic or any other gadgets, mobile/cellular phone, tablets, pen drives, Bluetooth devices, watch, calculator, log tables, wallet, purse, notes, charts, loose sheets or recording instruments strapped on your body or in your pockets.

6. There may not be a guaranteed security facility for safe-keeping of your valuable devices or personal belongings outside the examination hall.

7. The check-in procedure inside the exam centre includes capturing your image and left thumbprint. This is a security feature which will allow TSPSC to verify your identity and also to check impersonation by any candidate. Therefore, they are advised not to apply any external matters like Mehandi, Ink etc. on their Hands/Foot.

8. Candidates are allowed inside the test centre from 8:30 AM onwards (for the forenoon session) and from 1:00 PM onwards (for the afternoon session) for identity verification.
9. The test centre gate will be closed at 9:15 AM (for the forenoon session) and at 1:45 PM (for the afternoon session).  NO CANDIDATE WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE TEST CENTRE AFTER CLOSING THE GATE.:

10. Candidates will be permitted to occupy their allotted seats 40 minutes before the scheduled start of the examination. Candidates can login and start reading the necessary instructions 10 minutes before the start of the examination.

11. The total duration of the each examination is 150 minutes for both the sessions.
General Studies & General Abilities Paper will be in Telugu and English.  However, the English version will be considered as authentic version for valuation purpose.

12. Candidates will not be permitted to leave the examination hall before the end of the examination.

13. Calculators are not allowed. Candidates will be provided a virtual calculator on their computer to do all the calculations for the questions.

14. Pen and rough sheet will be provided at the examination hall by the invigilator.

15. Candidate should ONLY carry his/her hall ticket and valid identification card(s) inside the test centre and any other belongings strictly will not be allowed.

16. The candidate must note that his/her admission to the Test is strictly "Provisional".

17. The mere fact that Hall Ticket has been issued to him/her does not imply that the candidature has been finally cleared by the Commission or that the entries made by the candidate in his/her online application for the Test have been accepted by the Commission as true and correct.

18. Only those candidates, who are totally blind and who do not have both the upper limbs in the category of orthopaedically disabled can use Scribes at the Test Centre. Candidates who are blind will get extra time of 20 minutes per hour but no extra time is allowed to candidates who do not have both the upper limbs in the category of orthopaedically disabled.

19. The Scribe provided to the candidate must be a non-graduate and should be from an academic discipline other than that of the candidates.


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 Instructions issued in Notification: 
1) The candidates must note that his/her admission to the examination is strictly provisional. The mere fact that an Admission to the examination does not imply that his/her candidature has been finally cleared by the Commission or that the entries made by the candidate in his/her application have been accepted by the Commission as true and correct. The candidates have to be found suitable after verification of original certificates; and other eligibility criteria. The Applicants have to upload his/her scanned recent colour passport photo and signature to the Application Form. Failure to produce the same photograph, if required, at the time of interview/ verification, may lead to disqualification. Hence the candidates are advised not to change their appearance till the recruitment process is complete.
2) The candidates are not allowed to bring any Electronic devices such as mobile / cellphones, Calculators, tablets, iPad, Bluetooth, pagers, watches to examination centre. Loaning and interchanging of articles among the candidates is not permitted in the examination hall and any form of malpractice will not be permitted in the exam hall.
3) The candidates are expected to behave in orderly and disciplined manner while writing the examination. If any candidate takes away Answer Sheet of OMR based examination, the candidature will be rejected and in case of impersonation/ disorder/ rowdy behaviour during Examination, necessary F.I.R. for this incident will be lodged with concerned Police Station, apart from disqualifying his / her candidature.
4) Candidates trying to use unfair means shall be disqualified from the selection. No correspondence
whatsoever will be entertained from the candidates.
5) The Penal Provisions of Act 25/97 published in the A.P. Gazette No. 35, Part-IV.B Extraordinary dated: 21/08/1997 shall be invoked if malpractice and unfair means are noticed at any stage of the Examination.

B) Instructions regarding Offline OMR based Examination for Candidates:
1) The candidates have to report 30 minutes before to the examination venue to record their thumb impression on Biometric system.
2) The candidates should go through the instructions given on the cover page of test booklet and carefully write his/her Register Number, Subject / Subject Code, Booklet Series, Name of the Examination Centre etc., in the Answer Sheet, which will be provided to him/her in the examination hall.
3) Since the answer sheets are to be scanned (valued) with Optical Mark Scanner system, the candidates have to USE BALL POINT PEN (BLUE/BLACK) ONLY FOR MARKING THE ANSWERS. The candidates will be supplied OMR Sheet consists of two copies i.e., the Original Copy (Top Sheet) and Duplicate Copy (Bottom Sheet). The candidate is required to use Ball Point Pen (Blue or Black) for filling the relevant blocks in the OMR Sheet including bubbling the answers. After writing the examination the candidate has to handover the original OMR sheet (Top Sheet) to the invigilator in the examination hall, if any candidate takes away the original OMR Sheet (Top Sheet) his/her candidature will be rejected. However the candidate is permitted to take away the duplicate (Bottom Sheet) OMR Sheet for his/her record. The candidates should bring Ball Point Pen (Blue/Black and smooth writing pad) to fill up relevant columns on the Answer Sheet. The candidate must ensure encoding the Register Number, Subject/Subject Code, Booklet Series, Name of the Examination Centre, Signature of the Candidate and Invigilator, etc., on the O.M.R. Answer sheet correctly, failing which the Answer sheet will be rejected and will not be valued. Use of whitener on OMR Sheet will lead to disqualification.
4) The OMR Sheet is to bubble only by Ball Point Pen (Blue/Black). Bubbling by Pencil / Ink Pen / Gel Pen is not permitted in this examination.
5) The candidates should satisfy the Invigilator of his identity with reference to the signature and photographs available on the Nominal Rolls and Hall Ticket.
6) No candidate should leave the examination hall till expiry of fulltime.
7) The Commission would be analyzing the responses of a candidate with other appeared candidates to detect patterns of similarity. If it is suspected that the responses have been shared and the scores obtained are not genuine/ valid, the Commission reserves the right to cancel his/ her candidature and to invalidate the Answer Sheet.
8) (i)Wherever Written Examination is held, only those candidates who are totally blind are allowed to write the examination with the help of scribe and 10 minutes extra time is
permitted to them per hour.
(ii) An extra time of 20 minutes per hour is also permitted for the candidates with locomotor disability and CEREBRAL PALSY where dominant (writing) extremity is affected for the extent slowing the performance of function (Minimum of 40% impairment). No scribe is allowed to such candidates.
(iii) Scribe will be provided to those candidates who do not have both the upper limbs for
Orthopedically Handicapped. However, no extra time will be granted to them.
(a) The scribe should be from an academic discipline other than that of the candidate and the academic qualification of the scribe should be one grade lower than the stipulated eligibility criteria.
(b) The candidate as well as the scribe will have to give a suitable undertaking confirming the rules applicable
9) If the candidate noticed any discrepancy printed on Hall ticket as to community, date of birth etc., they may immediately bring to the notice of Commission’s officials/Chief Superintendent in the examination centre and necessary corrections be made in the Nominal Roll, in the Examination Hall against his/her Hall Ticket Number for being verified by the Commission’s Office.

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C) Instructions regarding Online Examination for Candidates:
1) Candidates shall report at the venue one and half hour (90 minutes) before the Commencement of Examination as the candidates have to undergo certain procedural formalities required for online examination.
2) Date and Time of the Examination as per Hall-Ticket
3) The examination link with the login screen will already be available on your system. Please inform the invigilator if this is not the case.
4) 10 minutes prior to the exam, you’ll be prompted to login. Please type the Login ID (Roll No) and the Password (Password for Candidate will be given on exam day) to proceed further.
5) Invigilator will announce the password at 09.50 AM and 02.20 PM.
6) Copying or noting down questions and/or options is not allowed. Severe action will be taken if any candidate is found noting down the questions and/or options.
7) After logging in, your screen will display:
Profile Information - Check the details & click on “I Confirm” or “I Deny”.
Detailed exam instructions - Please read and understand thoroughly.
Please click on the “I am ready to Begin” button, after reading the instructions.
7) You have to use the mouse to answer the multiple choice type questions with FOUR alternative answers.
8) To answer any numerical answer type question, you need to use the virtual numeric key pad and the mouse.
9) On the online exam question screen, the timer will display the balance time remaining for the completion of exam.
10) The question numbers are color coordinated and of different shapes based on the process of recording your response:
White (Square) - For un-attempted questions.
Red (Inverted Pentagon) - For unanswered questions.
Green (Pentagon) - For attempted questions.
Violet (Circle) - Question marked by candidate for review, to be answered later.
Violet (Circle with a Tick mark) - Question answered and marked by candidate for review.
11) After answering a question, click the SAVE & NEXT button to save your response and move onto the next question.
12) Click on Mark for Review & NEXT to mark your question for review, and then go to the next question.
13) To clear any answer chosen for a particular question, please click on the CLEAR RESPONSE
14) A summary of each section, (i.e. questions answered, not answered, marked for review) is available for each section. You have to place the cursor over the section name for this summary.
15) In case you wish to view a larger font size, please inform the Invigilator. On the Invigilator's confirmation, click on the font size you wish to select. The font size will be visible on the top.
16) You may view INSTRUCTIONS at any point of time during exam, by clicking on the INSTRUCTIONS button on your screen.
17) The SUBMIT button will be activated after 150 Minutes. It will continue for an additional 50 Minutes for PWD candidate eligible for compensatory time. Please keep checking the timer on your screen.
18) In case of automatic or manual log out, all your attempted responses will be saved. Also, the exam will start from the time where it had stopped.
19) You will be provided a blank sheet for rough work. Do write your Login ID and Password on it.
Please ensure that you return it to the invigilator at the end of the exam after tearing ONLY the password from it.
20) Please don’t touch the key board as your exam ID will get locked. If your ID gets locked, please inform a nearby invigilator who will help in unlocking your ID and then you can continue with the exam.
21) Please inform the invigilator in case of any technical issues.
22) Please do not talk to or disturb other candidates.
23) In case you are carrying articles other than the admit card, photo identity proof and pen, please leave them outside the exam room.
24) You cannot leave exam room before submitting the paper. Please inform the invigilator if you want to use the wash room.

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