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Telangana Teachers Information Update Online 2018 alternative link @ Updation of Online Teachers Particulars in Child info website | TS Teachers Information and Cadre Strength in
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Note: Due to load on site its work slowly. We have given to links of site try with them

How to Update The Teachers Information

  1. Visit Child info Site:  or
  3. Enter Username: welcomets and  Password: test@123 and 
  4. Fill capatche Click On Submit Button.
  5. A WELCOM PAGE will be displayed  
  6. i) Click here to enter Particulars of Teachers Posts & Enrollment of Children online particulars form
    ii). Click here to enter Particulars of Teachers online particular form
    iii). Click here to Print preview and Print
  7. Click Here to enter particulars of teachers online Particulars Form.
  8. Select Edit Record Option Then Enter Your Employee ID and Press On GO Button. 
  9. In this page a new teacher can enter his details with use no. 2 link and use New Recordalready submitted teacher can updated his details with use no.2 link and use Edit Record
  10. Select the New Record OR Edit Record for Entry or Updating with help of his treasury id
  11. Already particulars upadated in 2015 are available in Child Info website and teacher can update his details with help of Edit option.

Following details should be upadated by the User.
Working School Information :
Details of the Employee (*):
BC Caste Type
BC Sub Caste Category
BC Sub Caste
Native District as per SB (*) : Email ID (*)
Local Status (As per 4th to 10th Study Certificate Or As per Service Book) (*) :
Service Details of the Employee :
DSC Details (*):
Inter DistrictTrasnfered(IDT) Information
SSC or Equivalent
Intermediate or Equivalent
Academic Qualifications :
PG Particualrs
Professional Qualifications :
TTC/D.Ed particulars
B.Ed., Qualifications :
Additional B.Ed., Particualrs
M.Ed.,/M.Pd Particulars
Department Test Particulars
Salary Details
Medical,Surender Reiumbersment Leave,Half Pay Leave and Earned Leave Details
  •  In this section, Cast details and District details should be entered by the teacher
  •  Sumbit the details and take a print
  • Submit the print copy to your MRC and preserve the copy for future reference.

all the MEOs, HMs and teachers to complete the updation of their information by 15.01.2018. 

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