Rationalisation/Reducing the DDO Powers of High school Head Masters.

Rationalisation/Reducing the DDO Powers of High schoool Head Masters.

Office Of The Commissioner Of School Education, A.P., Hyderabad.
Memo.No:1/A1/2014 Dated:16-12-2015. 

CSE - Rationalisation of DDOs — Reg.

1. U.O. Note No.88088/444/Budget.11/2015, dt:28-11-2015 of Finance (Budget.II) Dept.
2. G.O.Ms.No. 40, dt:07-05-2002 of Edn (SER.V) Dept.
3. Lr.Rc.No.1/A1/2014, dt:13.11.2015 of CSE, A.P., Hyd.


              The attention of District Educational Officers is invited to the subject cited. It is informed that to reduce the DDOs number in the Department,
It is proposed to club the DDO powers of Head Masters of High Schools to the Deputy Educational Officers concerned. 
Head Master will continue to exercise the powers listed at para 2 of ref 2. cited.

            Hence, you are all requested to furnish the list of Head Masters of High Schools along with DDO Codes to be clubbed with the nearest Dy.E.O for taking further action in the matter. The information should each this office by 21.12.2015.

Memo.No:1/A1/2014 Dated:16-12-2015. 

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