TS Memo.9026 Retirement Gratuity Calculation Clarifications

TS Memo.9026 Retirement Gratuity Calculation Clarifications

Telangana State Retirement Gratuity Calculation Clarifications in 10 th PRC:
Telangana State Government has given Clarifications to calculate retirement gratuity as  DA admissible with emolument in addition to basic pay in 10th PRC.  DA with Basic Pay included for the computing Retirement Gratuity in RPS-2015.

Government Of Telangana Finance (HRM-V) Department
Circular Memo No. 9026-A/188/A2/HRM  1/L2015 Dated: 24.07.2015 

Pensions - Retirement Gratuity- Amount of DA admissible as emolument in addition to the basic pay for purpose of arriving the amount of retirement gratuity - clarification issued - Regarding.

1. G.O.Ms.No 101 Finance (Pen.I) Department dt. 06.04.2010.
2. G.O.Ms.No 99 Finance (HRM-V) Department dt. 21.07.2015.

1. In the reference 2nd cited, orders have been issued enhancing the retirement Gratuity ceiling from Rs. 8.00 lakhs to Rs. 12.00 lakhs. Some of the Unions expressed concerns about the status of inclusion of Dearness Relief while computing retirement gratuity.

2. Therefore, the Government, hereby clarify that the existing system of including DA with Basic Pay for the purpose of computing retirement gratuity continues, while implementing the 10th PRC recommendations.

Cir Memo 9026-A/188/A2/HRM-1/L2015 Gratuty Caliculation Clarifications

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