Telangana Outsourcing Employees Salary Enhanced w.e.f.01-01-2016

Telangana Outsourcing Employees Salary Enhanced  w.e.f. 01-01-2016

GO Ms.No. Finance (HRM-I) Deprtment, Date:19.02.2016

Contracting and Outsourcing of certain Services in Govt Departments-Enhancement of Remunerations- orders-issued. Govt have been contracting/ outsourcing certain services to effectively cater to the needs of the departments.

1. G.O.RI.No,2501, Finance (WPC) Department, dated. 13.07.2006.
2. G.O.RI.No,4271, Finance (SMPC) Department, dated, 01.11.2008.
3. G.O.Ms.No.03, Finance (SMPC-II) Department. dated. 12,01.2011,


1. Government have been contracting and outsourcing certain services to effectively cater to the needs of Ilhe Departments. In the Government Orders lilt and 3rd read above orders were Issued fixing remuneration for certain categories of services from time to time.

2. Government have reviewed the remuneration presently prescribed for contract" outsourced services and hereby order revision of the same as shown below:

S.No Outsourcing Employees Category Enhanced salary
1. 1, Office Subordinate
2.Watch man
3. Mali.
4. Kamati
5. Cook
6. Cycle Orderly
7. Chowkidar
8. Lab Attender
9. Dafedar
10. Jamedar
11, Roneo I Xerox Operator
12. Record Assistant
13. Sharon i Cashier
14. Lift Operator
15.All other categories of services similar to posts carrying the Ala or pay in RPS 2010:
 Rs.6700-20110. Rs.6900.20680, R5.7100-21250. Rs. 7520-22430 and Rs.7740-23040
Rs. 12000 /-PM
2. 1. Driver
2. Junior Assistant
3. Junior Steno
4. Typist
5. Telephone Operator
6. S lore Keeper
7. Photographer
8. Electrician
9. Mechanic
10. Filter
11. Lab Assistant
12. Cinema/Film/Audio Visual/ Data Entry Operator
13. Supervisor
14. Librarian
16. All of categories of services similar to posts carrying the scale of pay in RPS 2010:
Rs.7960-23650, Rs.8440-24950, Rs,9200-27000. R. 9460-27700 and Rs.10020-29200.
Rs. 15000 /-PM
3 1. Senior Assistant
2. Senior Steno
3. Senior accountant
4. Translator
5. Computer Operator / DPO
6. All of categories of services similar to posts carrying the scale of pay in RPS RS. 10900-31550, Rs. 11530-33200, Rs. 11860-34050, Rs.12550-35800, Rs.12910-36700 and Rs.13660- 38570
Rs. 17500 /-PM

3. In respect of categories of services other than those specified above which are having a fixed consolidated remuneration the remuneration shall he fixed not exceeding 50% enhancement of the existing remuneration or the minimum of the time state attached to the similar category of comparable post In the RPS 2015, whichever is less. 

4. These orders shall come into force with effect from 1st, January, 2016. 

5. All the Departments which are out,sourcing services should strictly monitor and ensure payment of remuneration as revised above by the agencies to the individuals deployed by them. 

6. In so far as other terms and conditions of contracting outsourcing services are concerned, the guidelines issued in Govern merit Order 2 read above shall be followed scrupulously.

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