Clarifications on surplus teachers in Recruitment of AP TET cum TRT 2014.

Clarifications on surplus teachers in Recruitment of AP TET cum TRT 2014.

Proceedings Of The Commissioner Of School Education, Andhra Pradesh,Hyderabad
RC.No.67/TRC-1/2016 Dated: 17/03/2016 

School Education - TET cum TRT-14 - Surplus Teachers - Certain Clarifications -issued.

Some District Educational Officers in the State have informed that there are surplus SGT teachers identified during the rationalisation of Primary Schools in their districts. They further informed that SGT and LP posts have been notified during TET cum TRT 2014 for their district. Clarification has been sought from the Commissioner of School Education whether selection of teachers is to be made even where there are surplus teachers.

You are aware that rationalisation and resource redistribution exercise is to be undertaken before the commencement of the next academic year. The issue of providing the support of academic monitoring teams to Dy.EOs, MEOs and filling up the vacant posts on deputation basis in DIETs, and CTEs is under examination in the Government.

As discussed with and approved by the Principal Secretary, School Education, it is instructed that selection may be done to the extent of notified posts. Web counselling may be conducted for the selected candidates. The District Educational Officers arc further instructed that where then: is no justified need, the candidates selected may be placed in the DEOs pool for utilisation of their services at appropriate time, based on the need and requirement.

RC.No.67/TRC-1/2016 Dated: 17/03/2016 

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