RC.386 Electricity connections to the Government / ZP schools.

RC.386 Electricity connections to the Government /ZP schools.

Proceedings Of The Commissioner Of School Education Andhra Pradesh : Hyderabad.
Pro.Rc.No.386/PS-I/2013 Dated:04-03-2016 

School Education - BE 2015-16 (Plan) - Electricity connections to the Government/ZP schools - Instructions issued - Reg.

1. Pro.Rc.No.386/PS-1(B4-3)/2013, Dated:08-11-2015
2. Procgs. Rc. No.480/AIII/ 201 5-16, Dated: 25-08-2015 of the accounts branch of this office.
3. U.O. Note Rc.No.622 /A1112015-16, Dated: 03-10-2015 of  Chief Accounts Officer of this office.
4. This office Procdgs.Rc.No.3867PS-I12013, Dated: 10.0
5. U.O. Note No:704/4.11/2015-16, Dated: 25-02-2016 of Chief Accounts Officer of this office.

The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the state is invited to the references read above and they are informed  vide reference 4th cited.. instructions were issued to identify the schools without electricity connections and with high enrollment on priority and to get electric connection by paying the required deposit from the funds available immediately and also to ensure that no amount should be lapsed.

Further, it came to the notice that there is a balance of Rs.48.00 Lakhs unutilised amount under
the scheme"Supply of Electricity to  the Government Secondary Schools" with the District Educational  Officers in the state.

They are, therefore, requested surrender the unspent balances under the scheme "Supply of Electricity to  the Government Secondary Schools" immediately and obtain surrender certificates issued by the District Treasury Officer. They are further requested to submit compliance report in the matter within a week time.

Procgs.Rc.No.386/PS-I/2013 Dated:04-03-2016 

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