Implementation of New Academic Calendar for year 2016-17 from 21st March-2016

RC.405 Implementation of New Academic Calendar for the year 2016-17 from 21st March-2016.

Proceedings Of The Director Of School Education & State Project Director, TS, Hyderabad
RC.No.405/D/CAT/SCERT/2015 Dated: 15.03.2016

SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad-Implementation of Academic Calendar for the year 2016-17 from 21st, March, 2016 onwards - Certain instructions and clarifications - Order issued - Reg.

1. Govt. Memo No. 1840/SE.Prog.II/A22015, Dated: 09.06.2015.
2. Rc.No. 405/D/C/T/TSCERT2015, Dated: 10.06.2015.
3. Rc.No. 405/D/C.SCERT2015, Dated: 12.06.2015.
4. Rc.No. 405/D/C.T/ISCERD2015, Dated: 12.02.2016
5. Rc.No. 405/D/C.T/TSCERT/2015, Dated: 23.02.2016


All the RJDSEs, DEOs and POs of SSA in the State are hereby informed that vide reference cited 1 to 3 cited, detailed instructions have been issued on the implementation of Academic Calendar for the academic year 2015-16. Vide reference 4 and 5, detailed instructions have been issued on the conduct of SA-II examinations from class I to IX from 9th to 16th March, 2016 and declare results on 20th March, 2016 and stan the new academic year from 2131 March. 2016 onwards.

Following are the further instructions:
1. During the examination period i.e. from 9th to 16th March 2016, the answer scripts must be valued and Cumulative Records shall be completed in all aspects.
2. The valued answer scripts must be given to the children during 17th to 19th March, 2016 and discuss the answers in the classrooms.
3. The answer scripts must be given to the children so that they can show to their parents and get signature of the parents on the answer scripts.
4. The final results shall be declared and Cumulative Records (Progress Cards must be issued to the children on 20th March, 2016 duly convening a meeting with parents and SMC members in the school premises.
5. The children obtain signature on Cumulative Records and return back Cumulative Records to the concerned Teachers/ Headmasters on 21th March, 2016.
6. The teachers must collect the Cumulative Records/ Progress Cards from the students and keep in schools.
7. However, the Cumulative Records pertaining to passing out students of class V and class X shall be issued to children by completing the records in all aspects and shall not be taken back.
8. All the DEOs are requested to conduct the exams as per the schedule in all types of Schools under Government and Private Managements in a serious manner and sec that all schools and Teachers complete all Registers and Records and declare the results and provide Progress Cards. (Cumulative Records) to all the children without fail as per dates given above.
9. The MEOs, Dy.EOs and DEOs are requested to take immediate necessary action and inform all the schools about the beginning of academic year of 2016-17 from 21st March, 2016.

Submission of Reports:
All the Registers and Records must be completed and final Consolidated Register proforma shall be submitted to concerned MEOs and School Complex Headmasters in case of Primary Schools and to the Dy.EOs in case of High Schools by the concerned school Headmasters.

Syllabus : 
1. The syllabus for the next academic year shall be commenced from 21st March, 2016 onwards and the syllabus shall be taken up as per the syllabus distribution in the academic calendar in the months of March and April for the year 2016-17.
2. In addition to syllabus coverage, focus may be given on the 3-R's programme i.e. improving the basic competencies of reading and writing for the children who are poor in this as Further, the revision of basic concepts of earlier classes may be taken up.
3. The question papers of Summative Assessment may also be solved during these days.
4. All the Headmasters are advised to collect the books from the children and maintain a Book Bank which may be used in case if there is any late in receiving the new textbooks.
5. Further, the softcopies of all the new textbooks have been placed in the SCERT website for reference.
6. Therefore, all the DEOs are requested to take necessary action in commencing the new academic year from 21st March, 2016 onwards as per the Academic Calendar 2016-17 in all schools under Government and Private managements.
7. The Academic Calendar which is being printed and will be kept in the SCERT website for reference.

Transition of students:
1. Enrollment of children 100% transition of students from Primary to Upper Primary (class V to VI, and Upper Primary to High School (class VII/ VIII to VIII/ IX)
2. The DISE data pertaining to 2015-16 shows that about 92 to 95% of transition of students from Print, to Upper Primary.
3. This shows that some children are leaving Government schools or dropping out.
4. Therefore, the Department must ensure 100% transition to Upper Primary/ High Schools.
5. Therefore, every Headmaster of Primary School shall physically take the children to the nearby Upper Primary/ High Schools with list of children and their TCs and enroll them on 21st March, 2016.Similarly, the Upper Primary, Headmaster shall enroll in the nearby High Schools.
6. The Primary School Headmasters must visit the Anganwadi centres in the Village/ Ward or in the school catchment area and get the children from the Anganwadis and enroll in the class I.
7.The MEOs are requested to conduct meeting with ICDS officers to join children from the Anganwadis to nearby Primary Schools.

Drafting School Assistants to invigilation duties of SSC examinations:
All the DEOs are requested to draft non language teachers for the invigilation duties during language examination days and language teachers to the invigilation duties of during non language subject examination days. This enables the available non language teachers to take classes in the schools during the period of exams pertaining to language subjects and vice-vase. This must be planned and implemented so as to cover the syllabus as per Academic Calendar.

Conduct of High Schools classes in the SSC examination centre schools:
The earlier practice of (2015) of conducting High School classes from 01.00 to 05.00 PM shall be conducted in the schools where SSC examinations are conducted in the morning session from 21st March 2016.

Textbook distribution:
1. All the DEOs are requested to verify the textbooks received and distribute to the schools as per the instructions given from the Director of School Education earlier. The DEOs must plan and implement the distribution of the textbooks in view of starting of new academic year from 21st March, 2016.

2. The RJDSEs are requested to visit the field and monitor the distribution of textbooks, enrollment of children in the schools, implementation of new academic year from 21st March, 2016 onwards etc.

3. The RJDSEs and DEOs are requested to send compliance report on the above to the undersigned and as well as submit compliance for the Proceedings of the Director of School Education on the above issues.

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