AP SSA-Projects | CAL Schools List to be supplied computers,projectors,UPS in AP.

 AP SSA-Projects | CAL Schools List to be supplied computers, projectors and UPS.
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Computer Aided Learning (CAL) Under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.
1.Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) was launched with the objective to achieve Universalization of Elementary   Education   and   fulfill   the   constitutional   mandate   of   providing   free   and compulsory education for life to the children of age group 6-14 years. The reduction in drop out and repetition rate, enhancement in the achievement levels and making learning joyful are some of the objectives of SSA. It was felt that use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and computers in the form of Computer Aided Learning (CAL) may help in achieving the said objectives. Keeping this in view, a component of computer education was kept under the Functional Head of ‘Innovation’ in the framework of SSA. Under this component there is a provision of Rs.50 lakh per district per year available to the States for CAL.

2. The main interventions required for introduction of CAL and making use of ICT in Elementary Education, as suggested by the Committee are training of the teachers, creation of infrastructure, development and production of State specific e-teaching/ learning material in local language and sensitization of the State-level statutory bodies like Board of Education and SCERT.

3. Role of private sector was considered equally important in not only implementing CAL in elementary stage but also for mobilizing additional resources. With this in view, workshops were held with representation from the private sector firms and all State/UT representative. The objective of the workshops was to review the progress of implementation of the CAL in States  and  to  develop  a  public  private  partnership.  The  workshops  also  facilitated  the information  sharing  on  latest  developments  in  the  technology  forefront.

4. Department of School Education & Literacy with the objective of developing strategies for
implementation of CAL aligned to promoted pedagogy & quality goals. “the  best  strategy  to  implement  &  derive  positive  outcomes  from  IT integrated   educational   delivery   mechanisms   like   CAL   is   to   empower   teachers   for development of digital teaching learning material & their use. It is important to understand that the basis behind use of IT integrated mechanism must not be its mere availability, rather because of its qualities such as extendibility, reach ability, flexibility, interactivity that can overcome  the situational gaps in teaching learning process”.

5. Due to all these efforts, enormous teaching learning materials in state specific languages have  been  developed  especially  in Mathematics,  Science  &  Languages  at  upper  primary level.
#AP SSA-Computer Aided Learning (CAL) Program

1.CAL Schools List to be supplied computers,projectors and UPS in AP.

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