AP Intermediate Education Employees General Transfers 2016 Guidelines -AP GO.130

AP Intermediate Education Employees General Transfers 2016 Guidelines -AP GO.130
AP Intermediate Education Employees General Transfers 2016 Guidelines -AP GO.130, AP Govt. Junior Lecturers general transfers, Intermediate employees transfers counselling schedule, Commissionerate of Intermediate Eduaction www.cie.ap.gov.in transfers rules, ap ipe employees transfers general guidelines. GO.RT.No.130 Dated: 25-06-2016: Govt of AP, School Education Department, Public Services - Intermediate Education - General Transfers, 2016 -Transfer guidelines for the employees working in the Department of Intermediate Education - Orders - Issued.

1) G.O.Ms.No.102, Finance/(HR.I.PLG.POLICY)/ Department, Dated:10.6.2016. 2.Representation of General Secretary, Govt.Jr.Lecturers’ Association, Amaravathi, A.P., dated:Nil. 3) From the Commissioner of Intermediate Education, A.P., Hyderabad Lr.Rc.No.Ser.II-2/925/2016, Dated:13-062016.

AP Intermediate Edn Employees General Transfers 2016
1. In the reference 1st read above, Government have issued orders for relaxing of ban on general transfers, 2016 of Government employees in the State.

2. In the reference 3rd read above, the Commissioner of Intermediate Education, A.P., Hyderabad has suggested certain guidelines on General Transfers,

3. Government have examined the matter and decided to issue the guidelines on general transfers, 2016 which are appended to this order as Annexure. The Commissioner of Intermediate Education, A.P., Hyderabad is hereby permitted to effect the transfers of employees of Intermediate Education Department and completed the same before 30-6-2016 as per the guidelines through counselling duly drawing the Schedule of transfers.

4. The Commissioner of Intermediate Education, A.P., Hyderabad shall take necessary action in the matter accordingl

5. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (HI.Plg.Policy) Department vide their U.O.No.98385/42/A2/HR.I/2016, dated 25-6-2016.

[1] Transfer by Counseling:
(a) This is applicable to Employees working in Department of Intermediate Education.
(b) All transfers shall be made through offline Counselling duly following the norms stipulated thereon in a transparent manner under the supervision of observers of Commissioner of Intermediate Education at Regional Joint Director of Intermediate Education level.
(c) The employees who worked in any category and proceeded on long leave shall only be posted to the same place except for the cases when they are liable to be transferred otherwise.

[2] Eligibility to apply for transfer: The employees who completed 5 years of service at station as on 01.06.2016 are liable for transfer. The Employees (Minimum Time Scale holders) who completed 2 years of service at station as on 01.06.2016 are eligible to apply request transfer in a clear vacancy.

[3] Schedule of Transfers: Commissioner of Intermediate Education shall draw schedule for effecting transfers.

[4] Competent authority for issue of posting orders: The appointing authorities concerned i.e., RJDIE’s in respect of Junior Lecturers, Physical Directors, Librarians and Non-Teaching Staff and the Commissioner in respect of Principals & Dy. D.V.E.O./A.O. shall issue transfer orders based on the recommendations of the Committees constituted for the purpose and based on the counseling.

[5] Criteria for transfers:
(a) (1) No person shall be transferred before completion of 2 (Two) years of service in a particular station as on 01.06.2016.
(2) No person shall be retained beyond 05 years of stay as on 01.06.2016. Service in all cadres at a station will be counted while calculating the period of Stay.
(b) The employees retiring within the next two years shall not be transferred unless they make a specific request for transfer. The persons who are going to retire on 30-6- 2016 that posts shall be shown vacancy.
(c) Women employee shall be posted to Women’s Institution to the extent possible. Male employees who are over and above 45 years of age may be considered for posting to women institution if no women candidate is available. However, the Junior Lecturers in Urdu Medium/Urdu Colleges may be considered where there is clear vacancy. The Junior Lecturer in Urdu Medium may be retained in a same place when nobody opted to that place.
(d) NCC trained Junior Lecturers shall be considered for posting to the colleges where NCC units exist as far as possible.
(e) In Government Junior Colleges where only one regular Junior Lecturer is working and if he is discharging the duties of FAC to the post of Principal also and if all other teaching faculty are contract/ redeployed staff such Junior Lecturers may be transferred if they are otherwise eligible. However, they will not be relieved from their present posting till a regular Junior Lecturer or a Principal is posted to that College. Only after that such JL will get himself relieved and join at his new station.
(f) (1) The employees eligible for transfers shall not be posted in the Government Junior Colleges located in the same Gram Panchayat/ Municipality/ Municipal Corporation during transfers by counseling. It is to ensure that candidates do not remain long in a particular station. Station means place (City/ Town/ Village where he/she is working) of actual working for the purpose of transfers and not office or institution. (2) Principals can however, be posted within the native Districts.
(g) If any employee who is liable to transfer fails to apply and attend the counseling, such person will be allocated to leftover vacancy in the counseling and no further correspondence will be entertained.
(h) All transfers will be effected based on the entitlement points scored by individual applicants on the criteria as mentioned in the guidelines and instructions issued by the Commissioner from time to time. The highest scorer in the respective subject and zone will be given the first choice and so on. (i) (1) Once transfer orders are issued by the Competent Authority as per counseling it is final. No review will be considered except in cases where there is serious complaint of non-adherence to guidelines. (2) All employees shall join at the new place of posting after the orders are issued. Avoiding of posting orders and applying leave on personal or medical grounds to avoid joining will be treated as violation of instructions and severe disciplinary action shall be initiated against such employees
(j) The requests of the employees having any charges/ACB/Vigilance cases pending against him/her shall not be considered for transfer. The authority shall indicate that fact clearly against the name of that employee if there is any request for transfer.

[6] Place of postings:
(1) The transfers shall be affected from Focal to Non-Focal, Non-Focal to Non-Focal or from Non-Focal to Focal posts only. If no case person shall be transferred from one focal post to another focal post. In respect of Urdu medium Colleges however the same may be relaxed in case no eligible candidates are available.
(2) The places with 20% HRA will be considered as Focal and others will be considered as Non-Focal.

[7] Procedure for notification of vacancies:
(a) The number of employees to be transferred shall not exceed 20% ceiling.
(b) The places where redeployed Staff have been working for less than 3 (three) years will not be taken as vacancies.
(c) (1) The office bearers of the recognized Employees Union (at State Level and District Level) shall not be transferred. The standing instructions on the transfers of office bearers of recognized employees associations as issued in Circular Memo.No.245/Sw/A1/2014-1, G.A.(SW) Dept., Dt. 16-9-2014 and also Circular Memo.No.17225/SW/A1/2014-1 of G.A.(SW) Dept., Dt. 27-9-2014 will apply. The Government Junior Lecturers Association Andhra Pradesh and A.P. Non-Gazetted Officers Association are only the recognized employees associations pertaining to this Department. (2) The facility is available only to the Recognized Associations. If the stay is for more than 09 years in such office as per Circular Memo.No.17225/SW/A1/2014-1, dated 27.09.2014, that post shall be deemed as vacant and shall be shown in the vacancies list published (d) It has been noticed that there are a number of Government Junior Colleges, particularly in the Agency and Remote areas where there is shortage of teaching staff. In some areas, except the Principal there is no other regular Junior Lecturer available. The academic and administrative work in those colleges is seriously affected. It is, therefore, necessary to maintain a minimum of regular staff of Principal/J.L./P.D./Librarian.

[8] Entitlement Points: The entitlement points as following shall be awarded to the candidates liable for transfer and eligible for transfer.
(a) Present station:
(i) For every completed year of service in places with 20% HRA 02 points
(ii) For every completed year of service in places with 14.5% HRA 04 Points
(iii) For every completed year of service in places with 12% HRA [other than Tribal area] 06 points
(iv) For every completed year of service in notified Tribal areas 08 points
(v) For completion of 6 months and below 1 year, half of the prescribed points are given
Note:- The period of absence/ leave for more than a year shall be deducted while giving points

(b) 2nd year Results in IPE March, 2016: 
(i) 0% to 40% NIL points
(ii) 41% to 60% 05 points
(iii) 61% to 75% 10 Points
(iv) 76% to 90% 15 points
(v) 91% to 100% 20 points
Examinations [only for Principals and Teaching Staff] :
(i) In case of Principals, the College performance will be taken as criteria.
(ii) Where more than one Junior Lecturer exist in a College, the number of students appeared, passed and percentages shall be ascertained through a certificate of the Principal showing all persons in the subject. The Principal concerned will be held responsible for the correctness of the Certificate.
(iii) The results of Intermediate Public Examination March, 2016 as communicated by the Department and published in the website www.cie.ap.gov.in only will be considered.

(c) Other Categories: 

(i) Unmarried female employee / widow : 10 points
(ii) Spouse employment in State or Central Government/ Aided/ Public Sector establishment only [The applicant seeking transfer under this
category shall produce certificate issued by the Head of the Office where the spouse is working as proof of place of working] 
10 points
(iii) Physically handicapped [where above 40% disability]

10 points
(iv)The following life threatening diseases for Self, Spouse and dependent Children only:-
(1) Cancer
(2) Open Heart Surgery only
(3) Neuro-Surgery
(4) Bone TB
(5) Kidney Transplantation/ Dialysis
The applicant seeking transfer under this category shall produce the
discharge summary and all detailed Medical certificates from referral
25 points
(v) For the following diseases:-

(1) Physical & Mental retardness of children [recent medical certificate along with photographs to be enclosed]
(2) Other heart ailments [i.e., Angioplasty, Bypass Surgery
(3) Persons who suffered with serious accidents within the last one year and are partially disabled/ incapacitated 
05 points
(1) Cancer (2) Open Heart Surgery only (3) Neuro-Surgery (4) Bone TB (5) Kidney Transplantation/ Dialysis The applicant seeking transfer under this category shall produce the discharge summary and all detailed Medical certificates from referral Hospital

(v) For the following diseases:- (1) Physical & Mental retardness of children [recent medical certificate along with photographs to be enclosed] (2) Other heart ailments [i.e., Angioplasty, Bypass Surgery (3) Persons who suffered with serious accidents within the last one year and are partially disabled/ incapacitated 25 points 05 points

[9] Blind Employees: (a) Not to insist on the transfer of visually challenged employees and teachers from their present place if they find it more assessable and easy to commute on daily basis. (b) Consider the visually-challenged Employees/ Teachers in category (A) while providing a choice for transfers, giving them an ample opportunity to choose a place of their preference depending on their convenience for travel and other basic facilities necessary for their dignified movement and the mundane survival.

[10] Applications: (a) The employees liable for transfer and request application by candidates eligible for transfer shall send the DATA required for calculating the entitlement points to the R.J.D. duly certified by the Principal concerned for approval of the same by the R.J.D. (b) If any employee fails to submit the same, the entitlement points may be prepared at RJD level to the extent of available information and any discrepancy due to lack of information, the employee only will be held liable. (c) Employees liable for transfer who fail to attend counseling shall be allotted to the available left over vacancy by the concerned transferring authority.

[11] Display of employee details and vacancy list: (a) The list of employees who are liable for transfer and request application by candidate eligible for transfer with entitlement points shall be displayed at Office of the R.J.D.I.E. and O/o. the D.V.E.O. (b) The Junior College-wise vacancy position of the employee’s vacancy list [for counseling purpose] will be displayed with the approval of the Commissioner and no vacancy shall be hidden in the name of the proposals being pending with the Government except for clear Government Orders (G.Os.) (c) During counseling no allotment for an expected / future arising vacancy will be considered (d) The employee is responsible for the correctness of the information furnished in the request transfer application. Hiding of the facts and furnishing of erroneous information will attract severe disciplinary action.

[12] Schedule of transfers and counseling: (a) The detailed time table for counseling shall be given wide publicity by the concerned RJDIEs duly displaying at the offices of RJDIEs/ DVEOs and RIOs as stipulated in the G.O. issued by the Government lifting ban on transfers (b) Necessary registers and records shall be maintained for counseling duly signed and will be produced for scrutiny whenever required at Regional Joint Director level.

[13] Counseling procedures: The lists of employees liable for transfers are to be prepared in descending order as per entitlement points accrued to them. Such lists shall be displayed on the notice board at the Counseling camp. The applicants will be called in the descending order of entitlement points and may choose any of the vacant points available at that point of time. The option has to be exercised in writing and in case two or more applicants secure same number of entitlement points, preference shall be given to the employee who has put in longer service in the particular station.

[14] Display of transfers on the web site: The transfers effected shall be displayed on the website of the C.I.E. and at the Offices of the Regional Joint Director and District Vocational Education Office after completion of counseling.

[15] Relief and Joining: As per the Government instructions, the transferred employee is deemed to be relieved at the end of 07 days from the date of receipt of the orders. The Principals will relieve the candidates immediately irrespective of the request from the candidate for relief. They have to join at their new places within the joining time, subject to such conditions as may be prescribed by the Government.

[16] Powers of Head of the Department: (a) The Government may either suo-moto or on an application received from any person aggrieved by the orders of the “Transfers Committee” may call for and examine the records in respect of any proceedings of transfers to satisfy himself about the regularity, legality or propriety. If, in any case, it appears to him that any such proceedings need to be modified, annulled or reversed or remitted for re- consideration, he may pass orders accordingly so as to rectify any violation of rules or discrepancies. Such order shall be implemented by the authority concerned. (b) The Commissioner may stay the implementation of any such proceedings pending exercise of his powers under Sub-Rule (a) above in case of need either suo-moto or on a complaint.

[17] Punishment for furnishing false information: Anybody who has submitted false information and certificates and the officers who have countersigned such false information shall be liable for disciplinary action in addition to prosecution as per rules

[18] Punishment for violating Rules: Any order issued against the guidelines or in violation of guidelines issued by the Commissioner of Intermediate Education from time to time in the matter shall be liable for disciplinary action as per rules.

AP Intermediate Education Employees General Transfers 2016 Guidelines -AP GO.130

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