Instructions to start English Medium sections and LKG,UKG classes in TS Govt Schools

Instructions to start English Medium sections and LKG,UKG classes in TS Govt Schools
Instructions to start English Medium sections and LKG,UKG classes in TS Govt Schools, Government of Telangana,Director of School Education has given a clarification memo Starting English Medium in TS Govt Schools, Starting of LKG, UKG in Govt Schools, Training to Teachers for Teaching in English. DSE Guidelines/Instructions on Opening of Govt English Medium Schools/Classes in Telangana State.

Government of Telangana,Director of School Education, Memo No.4809/prog.II/A2/2016, Dated:20.06.2016:: Subject: School Education - Proposals to start English Medium and also to start LKG & UKG in certain Local Body and Govt. Schools - Received Instructions - Issued - Reg.
1. From the Collector & District Magistrate, Ranga Reddy Ditstrict, Hyderabad Lr.N0.5020/C5/ 2016, dated:06.06.2016.
2. Govt. Memo.No.4809/Prog.II/A2/2016, dated:08.06.2016.

In continuation to the Memo. 2nd cited, the Director of School Education is informed that
I) Starting English Medium in certain Schools:
the Collectors must assess the possibility of starting English Medium in certain Schools in the Districts based on
a) SMC Resolutions / Gram Panchayat Resolutions
b) availability of Teachers to teach in English in Class-1 only, with preference to the Teachers who have studied in English Medium at least at their School or Graduation level
c) the Mathematics books in English would have to be provided depending on the enrolment in such Schools in Class-1.
II) Starting of LKG and UKG in Government Schools:
Some Collectors are mentioning about the starting of LKG and UKG in Government Schools, i.e. integrating the Anganwadi system with the Schools. Such proposals should be verified first based on the following:
1) The Gram Panchayat/SMC must pass a Resolution to this effect.
2) The Women Development and Child Welfare Department should agree to the shifting of the Anganwadies.
3) The Schools where it is proposed, should have necessary Infrastructure /drinking water etc. to bring Anganwadi to the School.
4) The Staff working in the Anganwadi will have to come to the School along with the children and Ayahs etc. and they have to continue the activities of the Anganwadies.
5) The role of our Teachers in teaching these children has to be well defined, i.e. what should be the learning materials, what should be the training of the Teachers and what they should teach etc.
6) What should be the timings of the LKG and UKG vis-à-vis rest of the Schools has to be worked out.
7) How would our Teachers adjust the work of LKG and UKG teaching with their regular work of our Primary Schools?

All these factors, apart from any other issues, need to be examined first and in their proposals the Collectors should give these details on all these aspects and then apply for permission. The DSE should then examine such proposals and then only with the Government's approval, we can Integrate Anganwadies with the Primary Schools.

III) Training to Teachers for Teaching in English:
The DSE was already info tried to take up Training of the Teachers for Teaching in English this year with the assistance of ELTS in DIETs; British Council; EFLU and RIE etc. The SCERT should also workout a detailed Training Action Plan mainly to develop Leadership skills in the Head Masters and build the capacity of our Teachers to teach all subjects in English and also give them inputs regarding Pre-Primary teaching of children.

The Director of School Education, T.S., is requested to take necessary action on the above urgently under intimation to the Government.

Instructions to start EM sections and LKG,UKG classes in TS Govt. Schools

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