TSSA Cluster Resource Person's /CRP's Job Chart,Duties,Responsibilities 2016-17

TSSA Cluster Resource Person's /CRP's Job Chart, Duties, Responsibilities 2016-17
TSSA Cluster Resource Person's /CRP's Job Chart,Duties,Responsibilities 2016-17 , Cluster Resource Person's /CRP's  Job chart,  BEO duties,Deputy Inspector of School Job Chart, responsibilities: Proceedings Of The Director Of School Education, Telangana:Hyderabad  Rc.No.570/Plg-1/2016, Dt.21-06-2016  Subject: Communication of Job Charts of Mandal Educational Officer / Deputy Inspector of School / Cluster Resources Person – Reg.

While communicating job charts of Mandal Educational Officer / Deputy Inspector of School and Cluster Resources Person. All the District Educational Officer / Regional Joint Director School Education are requested to communicate same to all concerned for strict compliance.

All the Mandal Educational Officers are requested to instruct all the school complex head masters to implement the job chart scrupulously see that and tentative tour programme of all the CRP'should be submitted by 25th of every month and submit the attendance and work done report to this office by on 5th every month without fail. And also instruct all the CRP's to update school visit reports in child info website.

TSSA Cluster Resource Person's /CRP's New Job Chart 2016-17
1. To assist School Complex Head Master & Asst. Secretary in conducting School Complex meetings.
2. Maintenance of school complex records.
3.  Collection of data from cluster schools and consolidation.
4. Conducting survey on school age children and updating the data
5. Collecting the data of in school and out of school children school wise, class wise, gender wise and community wise.
6. Collecting and maintenance of the data of teacher posts sanctioned school complex wise, school wise - number of teachers functioning and the posts fallen vacant.
7. Collection and maintenance of the data on the access to primary and Upper Primary Schooling with in 1km and 3kms in the habitation.
8. Collection of data on the availability of transport facility to the habitations.
9. Collection and maintenance of data pertaining to KGBVs, MCSs, neighbourhood schools, RSTCs, NRSTCs, School complexes.
10. Visiting all schools in the concerned school complex jurisdiction atleast twice in a month.
11. Observing the records pertaining to the utilization of school grants, maintaining of records etc.,
12. Visiting KGBVs, RSTCs, NRSTCs, EGS centres and providing appropriate guidance/ suggestions.
13. Attending the School Management Committee meetings, encouraging to exhibit the performance of the children in the meetings.
14. Observing the computer education implementation in the cluster schools.
15. Organizing various melas, competitions for the children at School/ School Complex level.
16. Monitoring the implementation of mid day meal programme effectively.
17. Monitoring the distribution of incentives to students such as text books, uniforms etc.
18. To attend to school / classes in the place of teacher went on leave in the schools under school complex area.
19. Any other work assigned by the Higher Authorities. -Download the JOBCHART
Cluster Resource Person's(CRP's) New Job Chart,Duties,Responsibilities
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TSSA Cluster Resource Person's /CRP's Job Chart,Duties,Responsibilities 2016-17

TSSA Cluster Resource Person's /CRP's NewJob Chart-RC 570

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