TS Schools Readiness,Class Readiness Program Material,Modules,Activities 2016-17

TS Schools Readiness,Class Readiness Program Material, Modules, Activities 
TS Schools Readiness Program Schedule ,Time Table ,Readiness Program module , Pre Test and Post Test Question Papers for Readiness Programme LEP 3RS Programme implemention guidelines in Telangana schools. RC02 Readiness Programme-2016 in TS Schools.TSSA School Readiness & Class Readiness Program 2016-16 New Material, Modules, Activities ,School Readiness and Class Readiness Program will be started in all TS Schools in Telangaan State. As perProc. RC. No. 02/SSA/T6/2016, Dated: 13 .06.2016, the School ReadinessProgram should be started for Class I Students in all PS, UPS, CWSN of IERCs and Class Readiness Programme for Classes II to VIIIfrom 15th to 30th July, 2016. In this subject TSSA officials has given detailed guidelines for effective implementation of this program in all PS, UP Schools and School Readiness and Class Readiness Material has been sent to the all schools.
Proceedings of the State Project Director ,Telangana Statae ,Hyderabad
Proc. RC. No. 02/SSA/T6/2016, Dated: 13 .06.2016.
Sub: SSA, Telangana State- Pedagogy- Implementation of School Readiness Programme for new entrants into schooling i.e., Class I Students in all PS, UPS, CWSN of IERCs and Class Readiness Programme for Classes II to VIII - Certain guidelines -Reg.

The attention of all the District Education Officers, Project officers and principals of DIETs in the state is invited to the subject cited above, it is to inform you that as one of the Quality initiative for improvement of children enrolment and performance in the Government schools, the SSA of Telangana State desires to conduct School Readiness programme for class-I children and CWSN of IERCs i.e. school beginners and Class Readiness programme for the children of classes II to VIII at the beginning of the new academic year.

School readiness programme for Classes I: 

In the state of Telangana, children aged 5+ years are joined in to primary and primary sections of upper primary schools directly without undergoing any organized pre-primary education. Further, the children with special needs (CWSN) who are enrolled in IERCs and who have attained minimum academic levels are to be mainstreamed into regular school system, there by fulfilling the objective of Inclusive Education. All these children need to be smoothly inducted into the schooling system.
With this purpose, a school readiness programme is suggested with the following objectives:

1.To make the children acquainted to school environment, thereby ensuring a smooth induction into the schooling system.
2.To create a child friendly environment in the school for class I students.
3.To make young children feel comfortable and happy to attend the school regularly without any fear.
4.To attract parents towards government schools by conducting different activities.

Plan of Action:
Six (6) weeks School Readiness Programme (Induction Programme) may be prescribed in all primary and upper primary schools.
Morning session:
•Includes Action Rhymes, Conversations (muchatlu), Stories, Creativity, English Rhymes, Additional Activities and Games.
•15 minutes of radio sessions every day with rhymes
Afternoon Session:
Early literacy and early mathematics, as mandated by GOI under the name "Pade bharath, Bade Bharath", and according to text books.
Resource Material:
A programme Sheet, a book let of 20 pages with transactional material, Snehabala cards, Easy English cards (which are available in schools) and radio programme.
Resource Support:
Teachers will deal with the sessions directly using the resource material.

Class Readiness Programme (3-R's Programme) for classes II to VIII:

The objectives of the programme are
1. To make children of classes II to VIII to learn pre-requisite skills in all the curricular subjects necessary for the entry of the promoted class. For Primary sections, the focus will be on Telugu, Maths and English. In case of Upper Primary sections, the focus will be on all curricular subjects.
2.To revisit the concepts, recap the learning of the previous academic year which is mentioned in the school syllabus and teachers handbooks designed by SCERT.
3.To impart the basic skills for those children who are lacking such as Reading, Writing and simple arithmetic i.e. 3-R's.

Action plan of the Class Readiness programme
1.This programme will be conducted with three different time lines
2. As per the learning levels of the children, in each class the children are divided into following three groups.
Group-A   : In this group, those children included who have the knowledge of requisite concepts and skills, who need revision or recap of the concepts learnt earlier in the previous class.
Group-B : In this group, those children included who lack basic concepts or requisite concepts or skills are offered remedial teaching and the support for learning these essential concepts which enables them to transit smoothly into the new. entry class.
Group-C  :
In this group those children included who lack basic competencies such as Reading, Writing and simple Arithmetic are subjected to rigorous coaching by the teachers within the school hours and extended hours for a period of two months.

A base line test which will be in the diagnostic form (Pre-test) shall be conducted in the specified subjects   for classes II to VIII. The aim of the test is to identify the basic concepts and skills in which the children are lacking that standard as impediment for further learning.
• Respective subject teachers and class teachers will prepare the test items and conducts the tests.
• By 16th June, 2016, the teachers will evaluate the answer scripts and identifies the child wise learning difficulties and categorizes the children into different groupings. Accordingly the teacher conducts remedial teaching through individual teaching, group teaching and peer interaction.
• For the above said days, the class readiness programme for classes II to V, will takes place in the morning session i.e., remedial instruction, practice work and in the afternoon session regular classes will be conducted. In case of class VI to VIII, in the regular time table certain specific periods for specified subject, remedial instructions have to be carried out.
• At the end of the programme on the last day, the children will undergo post test using the same question paper used in the base line test.
• Day wise time table with details of topics to be covered are given. Hence, the printed module supplied to the school earlier, shall be used during the programme.
• The workbooks used for summer camps last year, the Snehabala cards, Easy English cards, library books and other available material shall be used for revision, concept reinforcement and for remedial teaching.
• Guidelines for conduct of School Readiness and Class Readiness programme is annexed in these proceedings. These guidelines shall be communicated to MEOs in turn to communicate the same to Schools, which helps to implement the school readiness and class readiness programme in smooth manner.
• The guidelines and proceedings shall also be kept in official District website and blog and inform all the school HMs to access these materials.

Therefore, the DE0s, POs of SSA and Principals of DIETs in the state are requested to follow the instructions given below
(a) Conduct of School Readiness programme for Class-I children and CWSN of IERCs from 15th June to 30th July, 2016.
(b) Conduct of Class Readiness programme for the children of classes II to VIII from 15th June onwards.
i. 15th -30th June,2016: Revision/ Revisit/Recap of important
concepts/skills of previous class.
ii . 15th June to 15th July, 2016: Teaching of basic concepts/skills for those children who lack them. iii. 15th June, to 14th August, 2016: Teaching of 3 R's i.e Reading. Writing and simple Arithmetic for those children who lack 3-R's.
iv. Make arrangements in the schools for the Radio programme through AIR for 15 min every day for six weeks targeting the children of class-I and II, broad casting rhymes, stories, conversations from 20-06-2016 onwards.
v. The eligible CwSN who attained minimum level to be mainstreamed in to PS & UPS from 1st August to 14th August 2016 in a phased manner.

Further the DEOs and POs of SSA are instructed to take necessary steps in implementation of said academic programmes in the schools and constitute the monitoring teams at district level for effective implementation and send compliance report to the SPD.

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#TS Schools Readiness program DSE Telangana Instructions RC.02
#TS Schools Readiness program Module 2016-17
#TS Schools Readiness program Pre Test and Post Test Question Papers
#TS Schools Readiness program Pre Test and Post Test Result sheet

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