Guidelines to Conduct Inspire District Level Science Exhibitions,Project Competitions 2016

Guidelines to Conduct Inspire District Level Science Exhibitions,Project Competitions 2016
Guidelines to Conduct Inspire District Level Science Exhibitions,Project Competitions 2016,
Guidelines for Conduct of DLEPCs, Inspire Award Scheme District Level Science Exhibitions, Project Competitions Schedule 2016, INSPIRE : "Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE)" is an innovative programme sponsored and managed by the Department of Science & Technology (DST) for attraction of talent to science. The basic objective of INSPIRE is to communicate to the youth of the country the excitement of creative pursuit of science, attract talent to the study of science at an early age and thus build the required critical human resource pool for strengthening and expanding the Science& Technology system and R&D base.

A striking feature of the programme is that it does not believe in conducting competitive exams for identification of talent at any level. It believes in and relies on the efficacy of the existing educational structure for identification of talent.

Under the scheme a onetime award of Rs. 5000/- is given to the students, who would utilize about 50% of the amount for making a science project /model and balance 50% towards cost of bringing project/model to the District level Exhibition centre for display.

Selection of students:
All the Up and High Schools in the state should complete onetime registration in the website www.inspireawards-dst.gov.in  After completing one time registration HMs can nominate 5 students information from high schools and 2 students information from upper primary schools after getting the User ID and Password.

Two students from each secondary school are selected. One student from classes VI to VIII and another student from classes IX to X from each high school are selected under this scheme. Similarly, one student from classes VI to VII is selected from each upper primary school in the state.

The selection of the students is done by the principal/Headmaster/Headmistress. Deserving and meritorious student are selected by the schools for such awards. Three students are nominated by the high schools from classes Vi to VIII and two students from classes IX to X. Similarly, two students from classes VI to VII are nominated by the upper primary schools in the state.

The online proposals will sent from schools to DST and in turn DST will select two children from each school, one from classes VI to VIII and another student from classes IX to x of high schools and one student from upper primary schools.

District wise sanction of awards for the year 2016-17:
    SI.No     Name  of the District No.  of students selected for the award  by DST
1 Adilabad 0
2 Hyderabad 90
3 Karimnagar 187
4 Khammam 130
5 Mahaboobnagar 390
6 Medak 16
7 Nalgonda 30
8 Nizamabad 39
9 RangaReddy 584
10 warangal 564

Development of project/ model by the INSPIRE award recipients:
The student awardees have to develop a science project I model using the award amount. The student awardees have to participate in a district level exhibition with model I project which will subsequently be displayed at the exhibition organized at various levels viz., District I State I National level.

The participants of INSPIRE Award would be required to put forward their creative ideas / concepts / innovations on specific themes having relevance to local science and technology needs and national priorities.

Some of the illustrative themes for preparation of exhibit / models could be as under
Broad Theme: Make in India
Sub Themes [Illustrative Examples)
a. New tool and techniques for manufacturing
b. New Technology
c. New materials

Broad Theme: swachch Bharat
Sub Themes [Illustrative Examples)
• Waste management/Municipal solid waste disposal, recycling etc.
• Hospital waste disposal
• Industrial waste disposal
• Clean energy
• Reduction of pollution
• Cleaning of water bodies, rivers etc
• Green Toilets
• Rural sanitation

Broad Theme: Swasth Bharat
Sub Themes [Illustrative Examples)
• Preventive health care (Hygiene and  sanitation)
• Traditional and alternative medicines
• Life style management
• Awareness creation

Broad Theme: Digital India
• Digital solutions for education, Health care, governance, smart cities and smart villages etc.,

Note: The themes are only suggestive and students are free to device their own themes after assessing their local and regional needs as well as aligning the same with other such issues of national importance.

The participants may be asked to work on the concepts which are related to one of these themes. The concepts should suggest ways and means to provide solution to one of these national priorities with specific reference to local needs. The concept note of two to three pages including sketches, diagrams etc., may submitted by the participants.

The participants may focus on other themes such as for "Startup India" initiative launched by the Hon'ble Prime Minister; and State programmes such as Haritha Haaram, Mission Kakatiya,Mission Bhagereetha.

Every effort should be made to rule out tendency to procuring ready made exhibits/ models by the participants. During evaluation process emphasis should be given to creativity of the concept rather than the physical model. General layout of model, its relevance, clarity of charts accompanying the exhibit / model and overall alignment to theme, should be assessed .

1. For selection of the theme and for designing the project involving model or exhibits, the district authorities and mentor teachers shall follow the guidelines.

2. The mentor teachers and participants should develop interface between Research Institutes of national, Regional and State and R & D Departments of reputed Industries and Laboratories present in the district or within the vicinity of the Institution, before embarking on designing of the project chosen. The district authorities may facilitate the process of exchange of ideas and thoughts between the personnel of Research Institutes and Student and Mentor Teacher.

3. If such Institutes are not available, they may be given the opportunity to meet the faculty of Universities, NIT, IIIT, and Engineering Colleges, Medical colleges available in the district or neighbouring district. The support of polytechnic, IITs, Degree colleges and other NGOs working on development of Science Education such as Jana Vignana Vedika, Royal Society of Chemistry, Science Teacher Forums, Aarthik Samatha Mandali of Survyapet, Praja Science Vedika may be considered. 

4. Ensure each selected school for Inspire award shall have tie up with Mentor Institute.

5. Discourage the use of thermo coal, instead promote use Eco-friendly material

6. Ensure that the project taken up for Inspire award is based on scientific principle, the idea was grounded and model was developed.

7. The teachers working on Inspire awards should help the students to ignite the ideas in them not to thrust their idea on the children. Ensure the participation of students in different levels of project.

8. Focus could be given to the schools which are uncovered under Inspire programme.
9. Teaching learning aids should not be permitted to for Inspire awards.
10. Steps shall be taken to have proper representation in participation of students at Upper
Primary level in Inspire Award scheme.
11. Adequate publicity could be given to the District level and State level exhibitions.
Parents and local community may be made aware of children working on Inspire project at the school level.
12. The write-ups and posters used for Inspire Exhibits should be well written reflecting the design of the project, concept behind it, its utility and its application in wider context.
13. The district authorities in particular the DSOs shall ensure 100% participation of the selected awardees in the District level exhibition. Further they take necessary steps to ensure their participation with their exhibits complying the acceptable standards set for District level exhibition.

14. A district level and at divisional level teams may be constituted involving Dy.EO, DSO, faculty of DIET, CTE, IASE, MEOs to visit the schools identified for Inspire awards and monitor the progress of the Inspire projects taken up at the school level, the initiative of teacher mentor and students in seeking the support of mentors I mentor Institutes in designing the project. The visits of the monitoring teams should lead to improve the quality of the Exhibits participating at the district level. Care shall be taken in constitution of monitoring teams so that the expenditure incurred for TA
& DA shall be kept low by co-opting the personnel from neighbourhood.

15. The monitoring teams at the district level and at the divisional level shall appraise the DEO, DSO on the development of the project, the participation of students, efforts of mentor teacher and co-ordination with mentors I mentor institutes.

16. Discourage the duplication of exhibits and projects which were already displayed in the earlier District level exhibitions of Inspire awards. 

Organisation of Science Exhibition for the INSPIRE award recipients District level
To organize DLEPCs constitute a District level committee for INSPIRE Award Scheme with the following persons

1) Collector and District Magistrate : Chairperson
2) District Educational Officer : Member Convenor
3) Principal DIET : Member
4) Project Officer: RVM, SSA
S) One Principal of any Govt. Degree/ Jr. College: Member
(To be nominated by the Collector and District Magistrate)
To organize the DLEPCs Collector and District Magistrate approval may take for venue, dates and expenditure etc.

All student awardees get an opportunity to display their project at the district level exhibition to be organised by the district level authorities. Projects at district level would be judged by a 3-member jury (2 local - to be appointed by district I state authorities (from
local college I university I other reputed institutes faculty members) and 1-DST panel
INSPIRE mentor list available at DST website), who would select best projects / models, subject to maximum of 10% project I models for state level exhibition. In the judgement process, the following measures shall be taken .

a. Teaching learning aids should not be permitted to for Inspire awards .
b. Judgement of exhibits may be done on the first day onwards to avoid the judgement done in haste .
c. The judgement of exhibits shall be done at two levels at preliminary level (initial screening of exhibits for first two days) and at Secondary level on third day (judgement over the exhibits identified in initial screening) .
d. For every 100 exhibits, a team comprising of 3-jury members may be appointed as indicated above.

As per the norms of DST one DLEPC to be organized for a group of 250 to 500 awardees. Therefore the following district may clubbed to conduct of DLEPCs.

Inspire Awards Scheme 2016

#Inspire Awards Exhibitions,Project Competitions Action plan 2016

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