TS Schools Student U-DISE Collection of DCF and Data Entry Guidelines, Schedule for 2016-17

TS Schools Student U-DISE Collection of DCF and Data Entry Guidelines,Schedule for 2016-17
TS Schools Student U-DISE Collection of DCF and Data Entry Guidelines,Schedule for 2016-17, Student U-DISE Data Entry Guidelines, Schedule for 2016-17 in Telangana schools.Unified - District Information System for Education Data Entry (from school) based on Student DCF, Student U-DISE Data Entry Guidelines, Schedule for 2016-17 in Telangana, TS SSA Guidelines for Collection of Student U-DISE Data 2016-17, Student Data Capture Format, UDSIE Schedule, Student U-DISE Data Entry. TS SSA Instructions for Student U-DISE Data Entry 2016-17 in TS Schools.

Proceedings of the Director of School Education & Ex-Officio Project Director, TSSA, Hyderabad - Rc.No.1/SSA/MIS/T7/2017, Dated: 04-01-2017
TSSA, Hyderabad - UDISE 2016-17 - Communication of Time Schedule and Guidelines on UDISE 2016-17 - Certain instructions - Issued - Reg.

All the District Educational Officers & Ex-officio District Project Officers in the state are aware that the process of collection of UDISE 2016-17 has commenced and a workshop is being conducted for district level personnel on UDISE formats.

Accordingly, the guidelines for collection of UDISE 2016-17 data to the field level functionaries i.e., MEOs I CRPs I Principals I Head Masters and instructions to the District Educational Officers are herewith communicated. A tentative time schedule is also enclosed.

In view of the above, they are directed to take necessary action as per the schedule and guidelines so as to obtain correct and accurate data. They are further informed that the HMs who submit the incorrect data and the field functionaries who scrutinize the data I persons who enter wrong /data will be held responsible and action will be initiated against them for the errors found after submission of data when compared with the actual status in school.

Telangana, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
Tentative Calender of activities for UDISE 2016-17
  Sl. No.   Activity   Dates
1 Preparation of software for printing of UDISE 2016-17 at  State level 2nd to 5th January 2017
2 Printing of U-DISE DCF & Instructions Manual from the software at State Level  5th to 7th January 2017
3 Convergence meeting with Heads of all Line Departments including Jr. Colleges  7th January 2017
4 Training and distribution of formats to MEOs & MIS Coordinators, RIOs (DIEOs) on UDISE formats at  district level  9th January 2017
5 Video Conference on UDISE with MEOs and MIS Coordinators, Heads of Welfare Departments from  State Level  10th January 2017
6 Orientation to all HMs / Principals of Govt & Localbody, Private, Heads of all Welfare Department schools (Tribal, Social, BC, Minority Welfare etc), Madarsas, NCLP Centers, KGBVs, Model Schools and Jr. Colleges etc., on UDISE formats and distribution of formats at  Mandal level  10th January 2017
7 Filling up of UDISE formats data by School HMs and submission to MRCs   17th January 2017
8 Scrutiny and Cross-checking of 100 % DCF by CRC Coordinator and Scrutiny and Cross-checking of DCF by MRC level (pre-data punching checking) - 25% Scrutiny and Cross- checking of DCF by District level (pre-data punching check) - 5 schools from each Block (all in different clusters)  18th and 19th January 2017
9 Orientation to MIS Coordinators and Data Entry Operators on uploading UDISE data and Planning tables at  district level  19th January 2017
10 Data Entry of DCFs by using U-DISE Software and Merging of all blocks, consistency checking and Report generation at district level  20th to 25th January 2017
11 Generation of School Report Cards at district level and verification by HMs and MEOs  27th January 2017
12 District-wise data verification and merging into UDISE software at State Project Office  28th to 31st January 2017

Government of Telangana
School Education Department
Instructions to DEOs on collection of U-DISE data for the year 2016-17

1. As per Government of India mandate the information to be collected in Student Data Capture Format of School Education Department right from pre-primary sections to higher secondary / Jr. Colleges.

2. A tentative schedule communicating by indicating dates to conduct training programmes, collection of data, verification at various levels and data entry etc. The entire exercise shall be completed as per the schedule as the data is very much essential for the formulation of SSA, RMSA, MDM Annual Plan and State Government Budget Plan for the year 2017-18.

3. Communication of dates of training programmes to the participants and arrangements for data entry at district point shall be taken up well in advance to avoid last minute confusion and delay in completion of the task.

4.District Collector may be requested to convene a meeting with the officials of stake holder departments i.e., Social Welfare, Tribal Welfare, BC Welfare, TSREIS and Intermediate Education to ensure their coordination in collection of Student U-DISE data from all the schools / colleges.

5. The following guidelines / format shall be got printed / Xeroxed at district level & provided to the concerned for taking necessary action:
a. General guidelines – for supervisory / verifying officers like DEOs, POs, Sectoral Officers, MEOs, School Complex HMs, RIOs / DVEOs of Intermediate Education. These guidelines shall be got Xeroxed at district level equal to the no. of officers.
b. DCF consists two parts : Part - I (Consisting of 35 column format in A3 size with available information of children) - this part should be got printed through software for all schools in the state.
c. DCF Part-II (specific guidelines) - this part should be got printed at district level equal to the no. of schools in the district and attached to DCF (Part-I) and given to the Headmasters during the training programme for collection of data.

6. A complete set (General guidelines + DCF - Part I and Part - II) & Child Info Enrolment Form shall be given to supervisory officers in a booklet form. The budget may be met from the MIS and Management Cost of AWP&B 2016-17. If any discrepancy is found in the enrolment of the children in the printed DCF format, the same may be updated in blank Child Info Enrolment Form and also update the same in Child Info Website.
7. Filled in U-DISE formats shall be collected from all the schools duly verifying with the school records.
8. After collection, the U-DISE data has to be verified at MRC level by constituting a team with CRPs I MIS Coordinators etc., to ensure correct data from all institutions. The verified data formats shall be sent to DEO Office for data entry at the identified point.

9.District Collector may be requested to convene a meeting with the officials of stake holder departments i.e., Social Welfare, Tribal Welfare, BC Welfare, Minority Welfare, TSREIS and Intermediate Education to ensure their coordination in collection of U-DISE data from all the schools /colleges.

10.Even after verification of data at various levels, certain variations were found in the items like management, infrastructure, enrolment and other facilities during 2015-16. Hence, the data shall be verified scrupulously to avoid variations as it is used for various purposes at state and national levels.

11.Data of a mandal shall be entered at district level only under the supervision of the concerned MEO I School Complex HM I CRP to avoid mistakes.

12.After entry of data, a printout of school report card of the schools shall be taken & got it verified with original formats.

13.A minimum of 10 computers have to be arranged to complete the data entry as per schedule without any problem. Headquarter high school having ICT computers may be identified for data entry in new districts. In respect of old districts, data entry may be taken up at DIETs as sufficient number of computers are available.

14.DEOs I RIOs shall verify the filled in DCFs at district level randomly to check the correctness of data.
15. In the U-DISE format, information has to be given separately for Elementary &
Secondary level. Hence No. of teachers, rooms etc., are to be divided as per norms and furnish the information accordingly.

Guidelines for data entry
1. A suitable accommodation shall be identified for data entry work.
2. A generator shall be arranged to overcome the power failure during the data entry work.
3. At least 10 computers shall be arranged at district headquarters for data entry work to complete within scheduled time.
4. It shall be ensured that each Data Entry Operator has to complete at least 30 forms per day.
5. One MIS I CRP of the concerned mandal shall present at the time of Data Entry work
6. All the high schools I higher secondary I Jr. Colleges DCF forms may be sent to RMSA wing of DEO offices. Data entry will be done in the presence of RMSA personnel in SSA
7. The District Sectoral Officer-I shall supervise the entire process of data entry work, carrying out corrections etc., with the help of APO/ ASO I DLMT.

Financial Norms for  U-DISE Data Entry

#TS Schools Student U-DISE 2016-17

#TS Schools Student U-DISE Collection of DCF ,Data Entry Guidelines, Schedule for 2016-17

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