FA3 /Formative Assessment 3 CCE Model Question Papers,Time Table 2018-2019 of TS Schools.

FA3 /Formative Assessment 3 CCE Model Question Papers, Time Table 2018-2019 of TS Schools
FA-III /Formative Assessment -III Model Question Papers, FA3 /Formative Assessment 3  Time Table 2018-2019 of TS Schools. Telangana State PS/Primary School Formative Assessment I, II, III, IV Model Question Papers and Time Table . TS Schools, fa1,fa2, fa3, fa4, unit test,question papers,exam papers,model papers,i to v,primary classes,formative assessment-i question papers, internals,time table,telugu,english, mathematics,1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th classes,class wise,subject wise question papers, FA 3 CCE Question Papers 2018 Formative Assessment-I VI to X Class Question Papers 2018, I to V (Primary Classes) Formative Assessment-2 Question Papers. TS Schools FAs/Formative Assessment III Model Question Papers, cce summative & formative model question papers.

Director of School Education,Telangana state  Hyderabad has given  the internal exams i.e. Formative Assessments /FA examinations scheduled to be conducted for  four times i.e. FA1, FA2, FA3 and FA4 and DSE Telangana has directed to complete the Four Formative Assessment (FA) Test  as per schedule in the given dates which were given here.

TS Schools Examinations 2017-18 Schedule
Formative Assessment - FA 1 : By 31.07.2018
Formative Assessment - FA 2 : By 29.09.2018
Summative Assessment - SA 1 : 01.10.2018 to 08.10.2018
Formative Assessment - FA 3 : By 30.11.2018
Formative Assessment - FA 4 : By 31.01.2019 for SSC 
and 28.02.2019 for classes I to IX.
Summative Assessment - SA 2 : I to IX classes 30.03.2019 to 08.04.2019
Pre-final for Class – X Before 28.02.2019
SSC Board Examinations March 2019. 

FA-3 Model Question Papers 2018-19

A. English Medium New
B. Telugu Medium New


I-V(Primary) Classes Formative Assessment-3 T/M Question Papers
1st Class Question Papers | 2nd Class Question Papers | 3rd Class Question Papers | 4th Class Question Papers | 5th Class Question Papers | Telugu Question Papers | English Question Papers |Mathematics Question Papers | EVS Question Papers | Formative Assess-2 Question Papers |Primary Classes Question Papers | I-V(Primary) Classes Formative Assessment-2 Question Papers are give below.
S.No. Class Subject PDF file Status
1 1st Class Telugu Get PDF File
2 English Get PDF File
3 Mathematics Get PDF File
4 2nd Class Telugu Get PDF File
5 English Get PDF File
6 Mathematics Get PDF File
7 3rd Class Telugu Get PDF File
8 English Get PDF File
9 Mathematics Get PDF File
10 EVS Get PDF File
11 4th Class Telugu Get PDF File
12 English Get PDF File
13 Mathematics Get PDF File
14 EVS Get PDF File
15 5th Class Telugu Get PDF File
16 English Get PDF File
17 Mathematics Get PDF File
18 EVS Get PDF File

CCE New Grading Smart Table for TeachersClasses 1-5th Grading Table
Classes 6-10th Grading Table

Download FA 3 Class 6th to 10th Hindi Model S.T Question Papers
Class 6th Hindi
Class 7th Hindi
Class 8th Hindi
Class 9th Hindi
Class 10th Hindi
Download FA 3 Class 6th to 10th Telugu Model S.T Question Papers
Class 6th Telugu
Class 7th Telugu
Class 10th Telugu 
Download FA 3 Class 6th to 10th Science Model S.T Question Papers

Download FA 3 Class 1 to 5 All Subjects Model S.T Question Papers
I Class Telugu English Maths
II Class Telugu English Maths
III Class Telugu English Maths EVS
IV Class Telugu English Maths EVS

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