TS SSA MRC Grants Utilization Guidelines, Norms

TS SSA MRC Grants Utilization Guidelines, Norms  
TS SSA MRC Grants Utilization Guidelines,Norms 2018-19, Telangana SSA MRC Grants Utilization Guidelines 2018, TS SSA MRC Grants, Instructions for Utilization Grants, General Guidelines, MRC Grant Utilization Guidelines, Contingency Grant, Meetings and TA Grant, Norms for Utilization of Mandal Resource Center Grants. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Telangana, Hyderabad has given Guidelines on the utilization of MRC Grants  . The following guidelines are issued for utilization of various grants that is Mandal Resource Center Grants to be released under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan during 2018-19. Contingent Grant, TA, TLM and meetings,FTA to MEOs,Stationery, Xerox, office maintenance, postage charges allotments details are given here.

MRC Grants Utilization Guidelines 2018-19

Guidelines on the utilization of MRC Grants 2018-19:
Proceedings of the Commissioner and Director of School Education & Ex-Officio Project Director, TSSA, Hyderabad, Rc.No.1835/TSSA/Plg/T7/2014, Dated:/10-02-2017
Subject:  Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Hyderabad - Planning & MIS - Release of MRC Grant to 467 Mandal Resource Centers in the State - Guidelines communicated - Reg.
Reference: This office Proc.Rc.No.even, Dt:l0.01.2017 and 28.01.2017

All the District Educational Officers & Ex-officio District Project Officers in the State are informed that MRC grants are released to 467 MRCs in two installments i.e., Rs.20,000/- (1st installment) and Rs.30,000/- (2nd installment) for the year 2016-17 vide references cited above. The detailed guidelines for utilization of MRC grants are enclosed herewith. Hence, they are directed to communicate the same to all the Mandal Educational Officers of 467 mandals and inform them to utilize the grants as per the guidelines strictly.

Telangana Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Hyderabad Guidelines on the utilization of MRC Grants:
MRC Grant - Rs. 80,000/-per MRC per year:
A. Contingent Grant - Rs. 50,000/- per annum
Maintenance of computers and printer: 3000
Rs. 750/- per month for phone and internet: 9000
Rs. 500/- per month for MEOs cell phone: 6000
Rs.1000/-per month for Electricity charges: 10000
Stationery, Xerox, office maintenance, postage: 6000
Maintenance of toilets@ Rs.1000/- for 12 months: 12000
Minor repairs to floors, windows, doors, TV, radio,ROT, printers etc.,: 4000

B. TA, TLM and meetings - Rs. 30,000/- per annum
FTA to MEOs  For 20 days tour in a month Rs.1000/- for 12 months: 12000
(MEO shall submit the school visit reports to DEO for certification I counter signature)
Conduct of meetings-providing tea and snacks  to the participants: 6000
Reference books, magazines, News-paper etc: 2000
Melas, Talent Search Examinations etc: 3000
Drinking water charges: 5000
Procurement of TLM: 2000
Stock register should be maintained for purchases of items. Particulars of procured item should be entered in the stock register.

#TS SSA MRC Grants Utilization Guidelines 2017 -RC 1835

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