CFMS- Online Collection of AP Employees,Teachers data through Web based application For Implementation of CFMS @apfinance.apcfss.in

AP Employees Data Collection Online Application For Implementation of CFMS @apfinance.apcfss.in Online Collection of Employees data through Web based application GO.RT.No 2067 dt.26.10.2017

Collection of Teachers & Employees Data Online through Web Based Application Form Download in AP.  Online Collection of Employees data through Web based application GO.RT.No 2067 dt.26.10.2017 Online Application to collect Andhra Pradesh Employees DATA to Implement Comprehensive Financial Management System by Finance Department of AP ap-employees-data-collection-online-cfms-hrms-apfinance.apcfss-login Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS), which when fully implemented, will facilitate real time management of public finances and the HR management in the state and usher in automation of all processes like preparation of budget; release of funds; distribution of funds to the DDOs; incurring of expenditure; preparation and submission of bills by the DDOs; processing/audit of bills by the Treasuries; payment processes; collection of receipts (online/manual); preparation of accounts; maintenance of PD accounts; processing of leaves; management of HR events; maintenance of eService Book; maintenance of electronic data; Public Services-Finance Department – Andhra Pradesh Centre for Finance Systems and Services (APCFSS) – Human Resources Management – Online Collection of Employees’ data through Web-based application for implementation of Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) –Orders –Issued.

Online Collection of Employees,Teachers data through Web based application CFMS:
GO.RT.No 2067 dt.26.10.2017
Public Services- Finance Department– Andhra Pradesh Centre for Finance Systems and Services(APCFSS)–Human Resources Management– Online Collection of Employees’ datathrough Web -based application for implementationof Comprehensive Financial ManagementSystem(CFMS)–Orders–Issued.

Andhra Pradesh Centre for Financial Systems and Services (APCFSS), a Corporation under the Finance Department, is given the mandate to monitor the development, deployment and maintenance of the CFMS program and its related activities. As part of this, the Centre is responsible for process changes, data collection, training and change management activities related to the effective implementation of CFMS.  Towards this, the Government has decided to collect the essential data in a mission mode through an online web-based application hosted on the Finance Department Portal. It has been decided to collect the data directly from all the offices to obviate delay in the matter. The data proposed to be collected now will help to build the organization structure of the entire Government and also to define the workflow within and without various functional units and linkages with the Treasuries/ PAOs etc. in order to ensure seamless work-flow and transfer of data and creation of a single source of truth.

Instructions to the Drawing and Disbursing Officers

  1. 1. The heads of office have to login to the website https:/ apfinance.apcfss.in by using their log-in ID, which is communicated to them.
  2. 2. After the first login the user has to set a new password. The system has been designed to provide for change of password. They may remember the password and should not disclose to anyone to maintain integrity in data entry. The Head of the Office will be held responsible for any errors in data entry, if any passwords are misused or the data is entered without the knowledge of the Head of the Office.
  3. 3. After setting the new password, the HODs, HOOs and the DDOs should go through the user manual available on the website for a better understanding of all the fields of different screens intended to capture the data of different offices and  categories of employees.
  4. 4. The user has to first enter the details of his own office and the details of the immediate subordinate offices, if any. It shall be noted that only the immediate subordinate offices shall be entered. For example, the HoD will give details only of the Regional or Zonal Offices, if they exist, but not the District and other subordinate offices. If there are no regional or zonal offices, then the HoD shall give only the details of the District offices but not offices below the district level. Similarly, the Regional/ Zonal Offices, have to enter only the details of the District offices but no other subordinate offices below district. The District offices shall enter the subordinate offices and the process shall continue till the last field unit.
  5. 5. On entry of the immediate subordinate office information, the concerned identified persons from that office like the Head of the Office, shall be notified with the User ID and Password for entering the data pertaining to that office.
  6. 6. After completion of the data entry the Head of the Office has to take a printout through the application and affix his signature and send a scanned copy of the same via email to cfmshrgoap@apcfss.in
  7. 7. The helpline numbers, were set up for the benefit of the officers and staff are provided in the website.
  8. 8. Issues that occur during the process of data entry, login or password issues, and general comments can also be addressed to cfmshrgoap@apcfss.in, in addition to calling helpline number, for resolution.

Online Collection of Employees data through CFMS GO 2067
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