NAS National Achievement Survey to SSC 10th students Guidelines proformas - Instructions to District co-ordinators and Field instructors, Time table useful information

MHRD NCERT NAS National Achievement Survey 2020 Results of AP, Telangana and all states of India Download: NAS Results 2020 National Achievement Survey 2020 Result Sheet download for AP and Telangana States: Results of the National Achievement Survey 2020 conducted on 13th November 2020 by the Human Resource Development Department, through the 31 districts of Telangana state  to the 3rd , 5th and 8th classes, through language, mathematics and science subjects. National Achievement Survey 2020 by NCERT for Telugu Mathematics of Classes 3rd 5th and 8th Classes Results | National Council for Education Research and Training conducting NAS National Achievement Survey for the last 15 years National Achievement Survey  for Classes III, V and VIII. List of sample schools of Maths for class III, V & VIII Telugu, Maths NAS Model Question Papers 2020 . NCERT NAS results Telugu Mathematics  science download.

Introduction of NAS-National Achievement Survey:
The Central Government’s flagship programme Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) has been successful in ensuring greater access, equity and quality in elementary education. In the year 2000, the programme of National Achievement Surveys (NAS), originally conceived by NCERT as an independent project, was incorporated into the Government’s flagship project Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. NCERT is responsible for planning, developing tools, conducting the surveys and reporting the results under SSA by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).

Objectives of National Achievement Survey

The major objective of conducting National Achievement Survey NAS is to know what the children in schools know and can do at different stages of elementary education. In other words, an accurate measure of the learning achievement of children at different stages of education can provide important insights as to whether the inputs made into the elementary education system had a beneficial effect or not. Such evidence is provided by the National Achievement Surveys (NAS) carried out by NCERT periodically. These survey cycles not only provides policy makers, planners, curriculum developers and other practitioners with a ‘snapshot’ of what students have learnt in core subjects, but also provides a baseline against which changes in educational standards can be monitored.

#MHRD NCERT  NAS for 10th Class National Achievement Survey HAND BOOK for Phase-2

NAS Results 2020 National Achievement Survey conducted on 13th November 2020 results Download 

NCERT NAS 2020 Results of Telangana State- Download
NCERT NAS 2020 Results of AP State- Download

NCERT NAS to 10th Class/ SSC students  Guidelines proformas - Instructions to District co-ordinators and Field instructors, Time table useful information Download MHRD NCERT  NAS for 10th Class National Achievement Survey HAND BOOK  : The National Achievement Survey (NAS) are representative sample of schools from all districts in India aimed at understanding the health of the education system in government, government-aided and private schools. Findings from the NAS are used as inputs in policy, planning and pedagogical interventions to improve student learning outcomes.

Assessment of Class X 20 nation wide: 
The Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) is a programme to carry further the SSA programme so that the students after secondary have higher level of knowledge and skills. Therefore, it is desirable that assessment of learning levels of children at secondary stage must be carried out periodically. There are about 30 National and State Education Boards conducting Public examination at Class X in a very routine manner with emphasis on pass-fail dichotomy. A national level assessment of learning levels across states' boards will be very useful study for introspection and enhancing educational standards.

Download National Achievement Survey (NAS) 10th Class Questionnaire SSC Model Question papers 2020

National Achievement Survey (NAS) Class X (Cycle-2):
In this direction, NCERT has completed the first cycle of National Achievement Survey (NAS) Class X in the year 2015. The findings of the Survey have been shared at various forums with the concerned boards/States/UTs functionaries. To observe the improvement in the learning of the students, the MHRD has decided to conduct the second cycle of the Survey.

The Educational Survey Division of NCERT has initiated the NAS Class X (Cycle 2) in the year 2017. In previous cycle of NAS Class X, the reporting unit was State however, in Cycle 2 the reporting unit is District.

The main objectives of National Achievement Survey Class X (Cycle-2) are:
  1. To study the achievement levels of students of Class X from government, government-aided and private schools in the subjects–English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Modern Indian Language (MIL).
  2. To study the difference in achievement levels with regards to area, gender, social group, board and management of schools.
  3. To study the effect of intervening variables like students’ home background, school and teacher on achievement levels of students.
  4. To compare the performance of students in all subject from Cycle-1 to Cycle-2.

 National Achievement Survey Class X (Cycle-2) Time Table :
Sl.No. Subject Timings
1 Pre-survey activities 9am - 10am
2 Achievement Test 10am - 11.30am
3 Pupil Questionaire immediately after Test in the Fore noon
4 Teacher questionaire After noon
5 School questionair After noon

Classroom Activities of FI: Given below are specific tasks to be completed by Field Instructors: 
  1. Read out instructions and examples for the students from the test booklet before test administration.
  2. Explain to sampled students about filling codes on OMR sheets one by one using blackboard.
  3. Explain them that answers are to be given by darkening circle of the option in the OMR sheet.
  4. Blackboard may be used to explain the method of answering.
  5. Ask students to raise his/her hand, if there is any question regarding directions.
  6. Give sufficient time to complete the test.
  7. Ensure that Codes on OMR Sheet and SHEET-II of Field Notes must be the same.

POST-survey Activities
  1. Cross check all entries are made correctly and properly on all OMR Sheets and Field Notes.
  2. Fill Teacher questionnaire (TQ) for each subject teacher who is teaching to selected section. (Use separate TQ for each subject teacher. If any teacher is teaching more than one subject to selected students, then use only one TQ for his/her main subject).
  3. Fill School Questionnaire (SQ) with the help of Principal/Head Teacher
  4. The FI must submit the Survey material (used and unused) immediately after test administration. Write UDISE code of the sampled school with name and address and also mention number of students appeared on the packet. The procedure for packaging is given below:

Download the detailed information of NAS-2020

➧ DSE instructions

➧ NAS Guidelines

Field Instructors proformas 

 MHRD NCERT  NAS for 10th Class National Achievement Survey HAND BOOK for Phase-2

# NCERT NAS 2020 Model papers for 3rd, 5th, 8th Classes

NCERT NAS National Achievement Survey 2020 Result Sheets

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