TS SSC Results 2019 Telangana 10th Class Results 2019 bse.telangana ssc Result By Name Wise

TS SSC Results 2019 Manabadi  TS 10th Class Results 2019  bse.telangana ssc Result By Name Wise : 
TS SSC Results 2019 Manabadi. Now its Time for TS 10th Class Results 2019. at TS 10th Results 2019 Manabadi.com or schools9.com or Official site For Telangana SSC Results 2019 @ Results.cgg.gov.in eenadu results. Telangana State Board of Secondary Education (TSBSE bse.telangana.gov.in) every year organizes SSC public exams for the eligible students of the state who have enrolled to appear for the exams.  Likewise, this year also, lakhs of students from all the 10 districts of Telangana enrolled to take up the SSC board exams and successfully took the exams that were organized this March. Students have given out their best performances in the board exams and are now waiting for the results announcement.  Considering the anxiety that students must be going through, the board has decided to come up with the results announcement ASAP. once TS SSC Result 2019 out you can know your Grades with marks.

TS SSC Results 2019/ Telangana TS 10th Result 2019 Manabadi 
TS 10th Class Results 2019 will be available at manabadi or schools9 websites Students can get a hold of their results by clicking on the direct result links available in our page at the time of results release or even by following up with the official website of the board or manabadi website.  Students of SSC will be provided with latest updates regarding their results announcement and students need to keep a track of the official website not to miss out on the updates.  Students can take a printout of their result and keep a copy of it for further use.  The official marks list will be provided to the students by the board in later time. Telangana SSC Results 2019.

Details About TS SSC Results 2019:
Name of Board: Board of Secondary Education, Telangana State
Name of Exam: TS SSC Or 10th/Tenth Examinations 2019
Exam Dates: 16th March to 4th April 2019
Results Available Date of TS SSC/10th Result: 13th May  2019
 TS SSC/ 10th Class Results 2019 released
మే 13న పదో తరగతి ఫలితాలు 
హైదరాబాద్‌: పదోతరగతి పరీక్ష ఫలితాలు వెల్లడయ్యాయి. ఉదయం 11.30 గంటలకు సచివాలయం ‘డీ’బ్లాక్‌ సమావేశ మందిరంలో విద్యాశాఖ కార్యదర్శి జనార్దన్‌రెడ్డి ఫలితాలను విడుదల చేశారు. రాష్ట్రంలో దాదాపు 5 లక్షలకు పైగా విద్యార్థులు ఈ పరీక్షలకు హాజరుకాగా..92.43 శాతం ఉత్తీర్ణత నమోదైంది. ఫలితాలపై ఫిర్యాదుల కోసం పాఠశాల ప్రధానోపాధ్యాయులకు ప్రత్యేక యాప్‌(TSSSCBOARD’ను అందుబాటులో ఉంచారు.

Official Website to check results: bse.telangana.gov.in
Check Here  TS 10th Results 2019 

Manabadi TS 10th Results 2019 : 
Manabadi ts 10th class results 2019 is the word students use to search for their TS SSC Results 2019 Schools9 As the SSC board exams were wrapped up, the entire focus got shifted onto the results announcement now.  With every passing day, the excitement and anticipation of the students as well as their parents is reportedly increasing.  Students are pretty much eager to know their grades in the exams as that would ultimately decided their future in education.

Note: TS SSC Results 2019 Date Is Confirmed Official Results will Be Declared on 1st week (2nd to 5th)  May 2019 You can Check your Telangana 10th Results 2019  manabadi with your Hall ticket number or name wise. Please keep checking this page for fresh Updates and Share this News with your Friends

How to Check Telangana 10th Result 2019 / TS SSC Results 2019 Manabadi ? 
TS SSC result: Steps to check
Step 1: Visit the official website - bse.telangana.gov.in and cgg.gov.in.

Step 2: Under the results section, click on SSC 2019 results.

Step 3: You will be redirected to a new page.

Step 4: Log-in using roll number and other details.

Step 5: Results will be appear.

Get TS SSC Class 10 Result 2019 via SMS:

All the candidates can check the TS SSC results via SMS by typing TS10RollNumber by sending 56263.

#TS SSC/10th Class Exams Results 2019 
(Available from 13-05-2019 11:30 AM onwards) 

SSC Results March - 2019 (Available from 13-05-2019 11:30 AM onwards) 

SSC School Wise Login Results (Available from 13-05-2019 11:30 AM onwards ) 

Student Grievances (Available from 13-05-2019 11:30 AM onwards ) 

Student Grievances Mobile App 

Click Here for Main Web Site 

పదవ తరగతి ఫలితాలు సోమవారం ఉదయం 11.30 కు విడుదల చేస్తారు
హెడ్మాస్టర్ లు  school login ద్వారా. కూడా మొత్తం స్కూల్ విద్యార్థుల ఫలితాలు ఒకేసారి డౌన్లోడ్ చేసుకోవచ్చు.

పదో తరగతి ఫలితాల విడుదల నేడు 
 ఫిర్యాదుల కోసం ప్రత్యేక యాప్‌ 

 ఫలితాలపై ఫిర్యాదుల కోసం పాఠశాల ప్రధానోపాధ్యాయులకు ప్రత్యేక యాప్‌ TSSSCBOARD  అందుబాటులో ఉంచినట్లు వెల్లడించారు. వెబ్‌సైట్లో ప్రత్యేకంగా స్కూల్‌ లాగిన్‌ ఏర్పాటు చేశామని, దీని ద్వారా పాఠశాల విద్యార్థుల ఫలితాలు తెలుసుకునేందుకు వీలు కలుగుతుందని చెప్పారు

 యాప్‌ పొందాలంటే 

*★యాప్‌ను వెబ్‌సైట్‌ ద్వారా గానీ, ప్లేస్టోర్‌లో గానీ ‘టీఎస్‌ఎస్‌ఎస్‌సీబోర్డ్‌ యాప్‌’ అని టైప్‌చేసి డౌన్‌లోడ్‌ చేసుకోవాలి.*

*★యాప్‌ డౌన్‌లోడ్‌ చేసుకున్నాక హాల్‌టికెట్‌ నంబరు, పుట్టినతేదీ నమోదు చేసి లాగిన్‌ కావాలి.*

*★లాగిన్‌ అయ్యాక విద్యార్థి పేరు, పాఠశాల వివరాలు, హాల్‌టికెట్‌ నంబరు కనిపిస్తుంది. ఫిర్యాదు నమోదు చేసేందుకు మొబైల్‌నెంబరు, ఈ-మెయిల్‌ ఐడీ నమోదు చేయాలి.*

*★ఫిర్యాదు విభాగంలో ఫిర్యాదు రకాన్ని ఎంచుకుని, ఫిర్యాదును నమోదు చేసి సబ్‌మిట్‌ చేయాలి.*

*★ఫిర్యాదు బోర్డుకు అందిన వెంటనే మొబైల్‌ నెంబరు, ఈ-మెయిల్‌ ఐడీకి సమాచారం వస్తుంది. ఫిర్యాదు ఒకేసారి చేయడానికి అవకాశముంటుంది.*

స్కూల్ లాగిన్ ద్వారా రిజల్ట్ చూడటానికి. ముందుగా. www bsetelangana.gov.in website లోకి వెళ్లి
స్కూల్ wise లాగిన్ సెలెక్ట్ చేసుకోవాలి
User id : ssc code
Passward : ssc code

Enter చేసి open చెయ్యగానే. మొత్తం విద్యార్థుల లిస్ట్ కనిపిస్తుంది

పైన  results tab క్లిక్ చేసి. Results. ను డౌన్లోడ్ చేసుకోవచ్చు


విద్యార్థులు  కూడా వ్యక్తిగతంగా వారి యొక్క hallticket no. ద్వారా చూసుకోవచ్చు

#TS 10th Class Exams/SSC Results 2019 
Where TS 10th Results 2019 Manabadi will Be Available
Telangana 10th class Results 2019 will be available at various websites like board official site and few other private websites below we are giving list of websites that you can check with those sites
eenadu results
all the best for your TS SSC Results 2019. Always Check Manabadi Results 2019 this page for All Telangana Results.

Students who score good grades have good opportunities that they can choose from while students who secure low grades need to get on with the available courses.  Keeping that in mind, students have really worked hard and gave their best in the board exams.

After the announcement or declaration of results, students might be thinking about the CGPA or Grading system of the results, here is the in information about Cumulative Grade Point Average or Grading System now you can see the below table which will explain you to make you understand easily the grading system of the Telangana SSC Results.
1st, 3rd language, and Non-Language Subject Marks 2nd Language Marks Secured Grade Secured Points
92-100 90-100 A1 10
83-91 80-89 A2 9
75-82 70-79 B1 8
67-74 60-69 B2 7
59-66 50-59 C1 6
51-58 40-49 C2 5
43-50 30-39 D1 4
35-42 20-29 D2 3
34-0 19-0 E Fail

So, it is very clear from the above table regarding the grade percentage, the student who gets marks between 92-100 equal to or in between in the subjects other than the second language will be given as A1 grade and secured points will be given as 10, in the same sense the table continues, if a student fails to secure at least 35 marks (other than the second language) than E will be displayed and no points will be issued.

TS 10th Results 2019 Release Date May 1st week 2019
TS board would announce 10th board exam results Release in the month of May 2019 this year. There is no confirmation about the exact Results Release date of results announcement yet.  As per the recent updates, it is heard that the results would be announced in the month of May.  It is highly expected that the results would be out in the first week of May.  Students need to bookmark the official website of manabadi and follow it regularly in order to check the result as soon as it got released.  Students must not worry about anything and just need to wait for a little while more to check their Telangana SSC results 2019.

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Coming to the results front, manabadi will upload the results of the entire Telanagana 10th class/ SSC board exams in its official website.  Students who fail to get their results checked from the official website can rely on manabadi Results website to check their SSC public exam results.  The procedure to check the results is same for both the websites.  Students need to simply enter their roll number and date of birth to fetch their results.

Grade system is followed by the TS board and students will only get to know their grades and not the scores.  Students can check their grades subject wise and also the final grade they received over all and take a printout of it for future use.

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