DHARANI TS Official Website Telangana Land records ,Pattadar passbook, Adangal, 1B, Pahani and Maps http://dharani.telangana.gov.in/

Telangana Land records DHARANI Website for Land Records of Telangana State  Download Pattadar passbook, Adangal, 1B, Pahani and Maps  http://dharani.telangana.gov.in/
Dharani Website for Land Records of Telangana State – Adangal, 1B, Pahani and Maps The Government of Telangana will soon launch Dharani website, a new portal with all the land records. The website will be uploaded with all the new information of land records after the purification of records and re-survey of lands. The website is likely to be launched by the President of India or Prime Minister of India. Dharani website for Online Land Registration Process in Telangana from June 2018 Government of Telangana is all set to launch Dharani, a prestigious portal for the transparent and corruption free land registration process. The online land registration system will be started as a pilot project in five mandals and will be extended to another 30 mandals in the second phase of the trial http://dharani.telangana.gov.in/.


Issue of New Passbooks
Apart from this, the TS Government has also taken several initiatives towards digitalisation of the lands information and revenue transactions. The Government will issue new pattadar passbooks to all the farmers across the state on 11th March 2018.

Telangana Land details

  1. 1, 12, 077 Sq Kms - Telangana land
  2. 2.80 Acres Telangana State land
  3. 1.42 Crore acres undisputed land
  4. 17.89 Lakh Acres land Litigation land
  5. 11.95 Lakh acres land with farmers which is non-agriculture land
  6. 84 Lakh acres land: Tanks, Water bodies, Sub stations, Railway lines, Education Institutions, Hospitals, schools, public utility services, forest lands under litigation and others
  7. 24 Lakh acres, Cities, towns, villages, habitations and undisputed forestlands

Farmers Free Pattadar Passbook Scheme Telangana Under Land Records Registration Policy at Dharani Distribution start from 10th May 2018 
 The Telangana Government has taken a huge initiative and also a good one as they are looking forward to providing free passbooks to the farmers of the state.These passbooks will be free of cost. The reason of introducing this scheme is to make sure all land holdings are registered under this scheme so that the government will be able to track them whenever they need. Also, this scheme will provide transparency. The government and the farmers both will be benefitted from this scheme

Details of Free Passbook Scheme
The Free Passbook Scheme for the Telangana farmers was announced by the Chief Minister of the State. The Chief Minister also announced that the inauguration of this project will be done by either the Chief Minister or the President of India. This project will be inaugurated on 11 March, 2018 and around 71 Lakh farmers will be provided with passbooks. The record of the passbooks will also be available in a website.

Key Features of Free Passbook Scheme:

Special Passbook: The special Pattadar Passbooks will contain all the information of the farmers in a small bound book. The quality of these passbooks will be like passports and they will be tamper free.

Review and Printing: The Telangana Government has already reviewed the land details of the state and they have reviewed it carefully and the chief minister of the state himself reviewed it for 8 hours consecutively. This review was done in 13 January, 2018. The passbooks will start printing as the review is done but before that the government will have to ensure the improvement review and land purification is done.

Land Transactions: If any farmer purchases or sells their land, the record will be updated on their passbook on the exact day and to ensure this process the government has also established an IT Wing.

Eliminating Corruption: The main reason of introducing a new scheme is to eliminate corruption from the state. This free passbook scheme will also ensure disputes regarding land is solved within the state. It will also ensure more transparency.

Distribution: 71 Lakh farmers will get free passbooks from the state on March 11, 2018. The farmers will have to go through a registration process to ensure they get the passbooks from the state on the inaugural date of the free passbook scheme.

Exclusivity: The Free Passbook Scheme will have a special feature as it will have a unique code and the Aadhaar number of the owner. It will also be updated on a regular basis like bank passbooks.

New Policy: In coordination with the Free Passbook Scheme, the Telangana Government is also looking forward to launch a new reform policy named Land and Reforms Registration Policy. Along with other reform schemes, the information of this policy will also be made public through the Dharani website by the government.

Dharani – Web portal
The State Government of Telangana will also launch a website in coordination to their free passbook scheme. Mainly this website will store all the data of the free passbook scheme and it will also ensure the farmers have vast knowledge about certain reform schemes and land details. Dharani will be updated on a regular basis by the state.

All farmers in the state of Telangana will be eligible for this scheme. They will have to go through a registration process for enlisting their lands under this scheme.

Registration Process
The farmers of the Telangana state will be able to visit the Mandal offices in their respective districts to register themselves for the free passbook scheme. The registration process will be handled by the officials of the Mandal offices.

The State Government of Telangana has taken a huge initiative for the residents of the state and they wish to implement this scheme in a good way so that the agriculture of the state can be developed. This scheme will ensure transparency and it will solve land disputes across the state. The government will also be benefitted from the scheme as they will be able to track the lands of the state and also they will have the record of the land holdings of the state. Also the government is looking forward to develop agriculture more in the state as they will also launch another scheme named Input Subsidy Scheme along with this system. The new scheme will ensure subsidy for the farmers according to their input.

Registrations in MRO Offices:
The TS Government will be launching registrations in MRO offices as the new land records and data is available with them. Dharani website will have more security features to avoid misuse of land information. The data also will be used to implement Rs. 4000 input subsidy scheme to farmers.

New Registration System
New land registration system will be commenced on 11 March 2018. The The Mandal Revenue Offices (MROs) would carry out the registrations as Tahsildars. There are 141 registration offices in the state and they will be continued with the existing functions.

Dharani would be implemented as a Core Banking
The CM announced that the land transactions would be updated on the Dharani site like the Core Banking System. He said an exclusive IT wing would be created for the purpose, like in Core Banking System, all the transactions updates of the land would be posted on line the same day. On line information can be obtained all over the site. Sale and purchase of lands can be done with the Dharani information.

Sub registrar duties to MROs
The CM has decided to make registration facility available at every Mandal Office for the benefit of farmers and people. There are 584 mandal offices and 141 registration offices in the State. They would be continued as it is. In other 443 Mandal Revenue Offices, the registration duties were given to them. The MROs on the appointment day they have given, other than Sundays, Saturdays and holidays, for five days in a week in the morning they would take up the registration work. In an emergency situation if the MROs cannot attend to the worked they would entrust it to the Deputy Tahsildars.

Aim to eradicate corruption and fake documents
The CM said that to eradicate corruption, fake documents in registration, sale and purchase of lands, maintaining of the land records, transparency that the new reforms are being introduced.

“We should put an end to farmers and other people running around the government offices. They should come to the registration office only once. Passbooks should reach their homes by courier. Their work should be completed in day’s time without anybody’s help. Registration should be done without giving any chance to corruption. Cent percent works would be done in a transparent way. It became a regular activity to produce fake passbooks and documents. There were instances when people have got loan using fake passbooks. It should never happen henceforth. The government is strengthening land records maintenance and reforms are brought in for the same purpose. Dharani would record every transaction.

Registrations in MRO Offices:

MRO offices will serve registration functions where ever Sub Registrar offices are not available in the state. There are 443 such mandals in the state where Sub Registrar offices are not available and people have to travel for registrations. MRO offices will do registrations from Monday to Friday.

Dharani website for Online Land Registration Process in Telangana from June 2018
Government of Telangana is all set to launch Dharani, a prestigious portal for the transparent and corruption free land registration process. The online land registration system will be started as a pilot project in five mandals and will be extended to another 30 mandals in the second phase of the trial.

First Phase from 10th May 2018
The first phase of the trial of the pilot project of Dharani online registration process will be taken up from May 5 in Ghatkesar mandal of Medchal district. The mandals include Medchal, Jagdevpur (Siddipet), Kottur (Ranga Reddy), Sadashivnagar (Kamareddy) and Kusumanchi (Khammam).

Second phase from 19th May 2018;
Second phase online registration process will commence from May 19, 2018. In this phase, Dharani system services will be available in the following mandals:

Mandals: Cherial (Siddpet), Ramachandrapuram (Sangareddy), Kesamudram and Narsampet (Warangal Rural), Nirmal Rural (Nirmal), Balkonda (Nizamabad), Mogullapalli (Bhupalapalli), Asifabad (Asifabad), Nennela (Mancherial), Mudigonda (Khammam), Antargam (Peddapalli), Yellareddy (Kamareddy), Raikal (Jagitial), Medipalli (Medchal), Ramayampet (Medak), Illantakunta (Siricilla), Hasanparthy (Warangal Urban), Raghunathapalli (Janagaon), Palwancha Rural (Kothadugem), Chivvemla (Suryapet) Kattangur (nalgonda), Manakonduru (Karimnagar), Bijinepalli (Nagarkurnool), Pebbair (Wanaparthy), Aija (Gadwala), Devarakadra (Mahbubnagar), Serilingampally (Ranga Reddy), Turkapalli (Yadadri), Nawabpet (Vikarabad) and Gudihatnoor (Adilabad).

Process of Dharani Online Registratin System:
In Dharani system, buyer and seller neet to visit registration office only once to complete the transaction. The passbooks and registration documents will be sent thorough courier to the concerned parties.

The changes will be carried over to pass books of both buyer and seller. The relevant property will be removed from Seller's passbook and the same will be added in Buyer's passbook. New passbooks will be issued to the parties if a person is buying the land for the first time.

Proposed new registration policy

  1. Seller and purchaser after reaching an agreement should seek an appointment with the sub registrar a la Passports and vehicle registrations
  2. Licensed Document writers will be available at the registration offices to prepare the documents
  3. Seller and purchasers can fill in their own documents for which templates would be available
  4. Both seller and purchasers should be present at the registration office with their passbooks on the appointed date
  5. Signatures, fingerprints of seller and buyer will be taken through Biometric system
  6. The extent of land sold would be removed by the sub registrar from the seller’s passbook and the same is entered into the passbook of the buyer. The Sub registrar would attest his signature with the stamp
  7. If the buyer is new, a new passbook with all the details would be given
  8. The passbooks of both seller and buyer would be sent to the MRO the same day
  9. Mutation would be done about the seller and buyer
  10. These details would be recorded at the land records at the MRO office
  11. The IT official at the MRO would put these details online
  12. Like the bank’s ATM transaction, these updates would be sent as sms to both the seller and buyer
  13. Passbooks need not be sent to the RDO as is done now and the name change and mutation responsibility lies with the MRO
  14. After Mutation, the MRO with his signature and seal would sent to the Sub registrar
  15. The Sub Registrar would send the passbooks to both the seller and buyer by couriers as was done with the passports
  16. An sms is sent to both the buyer and seller in this regard
  17. In the passbooks given to the farmers, besides the account number, unique code of the passbook, village code, mandal code and owners Aadhar number would be given

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