How to give Web Options for TS Teachers transfers web based Counselling 2021

How to give Web Options for TS Teachers transfers web based Counselling 2021
Step by step process for submitting Web Options for TS Teachers transfers web based Counselling 2021: Web Options Entry for Online TS Teacher Transfers Counselling/ Step by Step Process for submitting the Web Options for TS Teachers Transfers Counselling. Web Options for HM / Teachers Transfer counseling 2018, Step by Step Process submitting Web Options TS Teachers Transfers Counselling. How to give Web Options for TS Teachers Transfers at http://cdse.telangana.gov.in: Web based TS Teachers Transfers Counselling system, Excercising TS Teachers Transfers Web Options on Online, Step by process for Eceercising the TS Teachers Transfers Web Options.

Guidelines for filling up the TS Teachers Online Application form and Web Options by Head master / Teachers: Welcome to all the Headmasters and Teachers to the online, web based transfer counselling system. This is designed to facilitate an easy, transparent, objective way of identifying vacancies, filing transfer application and making options/choices one is interested in. The Centre for Good Governance (CGG) is providing al technical support to facilitate the online application submission and web options exercising and drawing up of seniority lists and transfer lists.

Use below link for Latest Updates on TS Teachers Transfers 2021:

TS Teachers Transfers Final seniority Lists Download

Step by Step Process of Submitting Web Options for Transfers
  1. Teachers have to Logon to www.transfers.cdse.telangana.gov.in
  2. Select Services and Click on Teachers Transfer
  3. There will be two options, Web Options, Web Options Demo
  4. Login here with Mobile number and Treasure ID
  5. You get OTP to your Registered Mobile Number
  6. Enter OTP and Click Go
  7. You have an Option to to take print out of Vacancy List by Clicking DOWNLOAD Button
  8. Selection your Options as your Preferences from available vacancies
  9. Here Vacancies are three types 1. Clear Vacancies 2. Compulsary Vacancies 3. Probable Vacancies
  10. You can select your options from CLEAR, COMPLUSORY & PROBABLE vacancies
  11. Select your preferences by Clicking on the Options Given
  12. Now move your selected option from AVAILABLE VACANCIES BOX to OPTED VACANCIES BOX using “>” arrow
  13. You can deselect your options from OPTED VACANCIES BOX using “ < ” arrow
  14. On completion of your selection, press FREEZE to save and submit your preferences.
TS Teachers Transfers Schedule 2021, Transfer Orders download  

 TS Teachers Transfers 2021 Official PPT/UserGuide

Demo Video Watch Here
Web Options Demo Official PPT Download

TS Teachers Transfers 2021 Web Options:
Process for Excercising Web Options:
Step 1: HM/Teacher need to log on http://transfers.cdse.telangana.gov.in

Step 2: Click Submission of web options

Step 3: Enter their Reference ID, OTP the verification code received through their registered mobile. (it is advised to give the working conditioned mobiles only) .

Step 4: After this web option, screen will be displayed with following auto populated values.
a. Name of the Teacher
b. Treasury ID
c. Category of the post
d. Subject
e. Medium
f. Whether 8 years completed or not?
g. Whether effected by Rationalisation
h. Present working Place, Mandal etc.

Step 5: The HM/Teacher who comes under compulsory transfer, they have to choose all the available vacancies except their present working place.Others may select at least one vacancy.

Step 6: Then after the Name of Mandals where the vacancies are available including the vacancies likely to be arose gets displayed on the left side column of the screen.

Step 7: The Mandals have to be selected in the preferential order as desired by Teacher. The selected Mandals will be moved to right side column of the screen in the selected order. In right side column of the screen, there is also a provision to change the selection order of the Mandals by moving up or down.

Step 8: After selection of Mandals then need to press SUBMIT button to get the school names where the vacancies are available.

Step 9: After submit button, the next screen geta_djsplayed with two columns. In the
the left column of the screen the schools names gets displayed as in the order of preferential Mandals choliby the individual.

Step 10: As in the case of selection  , here also, School Names are to be tf selected in thepreferential order for web counselling and selected school names will be moved right side column of the screen in the selected order. In right side column of the screen, there is also a provision to change the selection order of the School names by moving up or down.

Step 11: After selecting all the details, press PREVIEW button. This will display the details submitted by them.

Step 12: If they found that all the details are correct, press SUBMIT otherwise press EDIT and resubmit the information.

Step 13: Editing of web option is allowed for ONE time by sending OTP to their registered Mobiles.

Step 14: Based on the web options exercised by the individual and Seniority of the teacher, the allotment process will be done and transferred teachers' details along with proceedings will be hosted in the website.
Instructions to Teachers: Do's and Don'ts
1. Treasury Id should be remembered
2. Registered mobile number should not be changed, if any change is there, it should be informed through concerned DEO.
3. Before submitting of application, please verify all the information entered is correct or not.
4. Do not share the OTPs received withany others
5. Keep a printed copy of the Application, Web options exercised
6. Visit the official web site regularly for all other updates.
7. Before, exercising the web options, work out the vacancies available in a required manner, studying the list of desired Mandals, list of vacancies available, emerging, etc., After this, exercise Vle web options.
8. All the uploaded certificatesshould be sued to the concerned officers i.e.., MEO/Dy. EO/DEO.
9. Verify the correctness of the entitlement points obtained before the submission of their applications
Source: Online AP Teachers transfers

Read: How to submit TS Teachers Transfers Online Application Form at http://cdse.telangana.gov.in

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