Edit Web Options for TS Teachers Transfers 2021 for SGT, SA, LP, PET @transfers.cdse.telangana.gov.in

EDIT Web Options Add/Remove/Rearrange TS Teachers Transfers 2021 for SGT, SA, LP, PET @transfers.cdse.telangana.gov.in
Exercise web options / how to Opt the schools Step by Step Process to opt the schools / Submitting Web Options at Telangana Teachers transfers 2021 official website transfers.cdse.telangana.gov.in and download transfers Allotment Letter by using your treasury ID and moblie OTP. Edit Web Options of TS Teachers Transfer Web Options Submitted at transfers.cdse.telangana.gov.in Telangana Teachers Transfers Web Counselling Edit Submitted Web Options for Transfers by GHM SA SGT LPs PET at official website | Telangana School Education Department issued deatiled Schedule for Teachers Transfers 2021 to Submit Online Application Form Excising Web Options Cadre wise Vizz GHMs High School Headmasters School Assistants Secondary Grade Teachers Language Pandits Physical Education Teachers. Edit option may give to re segregate their Web Options which are already submitted and Finalised by clicking on Freeze button. Visit here to Edit Web Options submitted by Compulsory and probable Transfer of teachers with www.transfers.cdse.telangana.gov.in.  

TS Teachers transfers 2021 EDIT Web options   
Certain requests have been received from the Service Associations, with reference to certain local problems faced by certain teachers while entering 'online' web options, wherein certain mistakes happened which led to certain doubts about the software. The software issues were verified repeatedly by the Department based on the individual representations and even in general. It was found that out of  Teacher applicants for transfers, after due verification   applicants were cleared by the DEOs for giving their 'web options'. Out of  applicants, options were given by applicants  exercised their 'web options' successfully. Thus, there were no software issues involved.

However, in order to do complete justice to all the teachers, it is decided to give 'edit option to all the teachers for their 'web options' only. For the Head Masters and School Assistants, they will be allowed to edit their web options, if required, on   . The web options which were frozen by the teachers prior to the editing and now after the editing, both the records are digitally available in a confidential, secure manner in the software. After the closure of the edit options, necessary Transfer Orders will be issued as per the rules issued vide G.O.Ms.No.16, School Education (Ser.II) Department, dt.06.06.2019.

Edit Web Options for TS Teachers Transfers 2019 for GHM, SA available on 03-07-2019 , SGT, LP, PET  

How to Edit Web Options Online

  1. Visit Transfers Official Website
  2. Enter your Treasure ID and Phone Number
  3. You get OTP, Enter and Submit 
  4. Your options will be displayed 
  5. Do Add/Remove/Rearrange your web Options 
  6. Click on Freeze again
  7. They may give edit Once only
Web Option Edit GHMs, SAs For Grade   GHMs, SAs and equivalent cadres 
Web Option Edit SGT, LP, PET : For SGTs & Equivalent Cadres  

EDIT Web options  Click Here to EDIT Web Options in Official Website

➤ Click here to Edit your Web options

IMPORTANT : After Saving your edit options, you are advised to Freeze before 11:59pm. All saved options will get auto freezed at 11:59pm.
Those who are in Probable category and have submitted application and now if you do not want to get transferred you need not attend web counseling. All Probable category applicants will be retained at the same place if they do not put Web Options.
➤ Edit Option for all - DSE Orders










Click here to Download transfer orders TS Teachers Transfers 2019 Allotment Orders GHM, SA, PS HM, SGT, PET, LP 

How to Insert New Option in Middle of  your Selected options
ఆప్టెడ్ లిస్ట్ లో మనం ఏదైనా ప్లేస్ మిస్సయితే... లేదా ఆప్ష‌న్స్ ఇచ్చిన‌ త‌ర్వాత‌ ‌ వాటి క్ర‌మం మార్చ‌డానికి ఈ క్రింది ట్రిక్ ను పాటించండి.

 ఆ నెంబర్ కింద ఉన్న అన్నింటినీ సెలెక్ట్ చేసి లెఫ్ట్ సైడ్ పంపాలి.ఏదైతే కావాలో ఆ ప్లేస్ రైట్ సైడ్ పంపాలి.ఆ తరువాత ఇంతకుముందు పంపిన బండీల్ లెఫ్ట్ సైడ్ ఒకే దగ్గరా ఉంటుంది. దాని మొత్తాన్నీ సెలెక్ట్ చేసుకొని రైట్సైడ్ పంపాలి .

Note:Those who are in Probable category and have submitted application and now if you do not want to get transferred you need not attend web counseling. All Probable category applicants will be retained at the same place if they do not put Web Options.

➤మీ Treasury ID మరియు Registered Mobile నెంబర్ Enter చేయండి OTP వస్తుంది Enter చేసి Submit Button క్లిక్ చేయండి 
మీ Account లోకి Login అయ్యాక Available Vacancies Printout తీసుకోండి. 
తీసుకున్న Printout లొనే Prefferences ను మండలాల వారిగా నమోదు చేసుకోండి. 
ఇప్పుడు Computer వద్ద కూర్చొని Web Options ఇవ్వండి. 
➤ Cntrl+F కొడితే చిన్న Box వస్తుంది. ఆ box లో మీకు కావలసిన మండలం పేరు గాని, గ్రామం పేరుగాని DISE code ఇస్తే మీకు కావలసిన పాఠశాల రంగులో కనిపిస్తుంది. 
ఒక్కొక్కటిగా Web options ఇస్తూ పూర్తి చేయండి 

TS Teachers Transfers 2019 Official Video, UserGuide

1. All the Headmasters of all district are informed that All the Major software related issues are resolved, Hence they are requested to exercise their web options as early as possible

2. No-transfer option also enabled to the HMs who are not under compulsory transfer, Hence all the HMs are informed to complete the  weboption  immediately

3. Every applied teacher must to exercise the options, If not willing to transfer opt No-transfer option and freeze the application.

Sl No Clarification Remarks
1 Is there any gio-tagging among spouse places? If so, what is the limit of distance to exercise option? Provisions were made under software programme. No fixed limit is prescribed. However, the vacancies will be displayed taking into consideration the schools located in between their working places.
2 If  both  spouse  are  teachers  and  completed  their tenure in present place and are under compulsory transfer zone then how will their places be tagged? No tagging.
3 If one of the spouse is in compulsory transfer and other spouse availed spouse points, how will their places be tagged? No tagging.
4 If both the spouses are working in farthest places and applied and for optional transfer and one of the spouse availed special points, but they may not get places which they opted within the limited radius of distance. How can they accommodate? It  is  an  optional  transfer  and  as  per choice  he  /she  can  opt  the  vacancies available.
5 If there is more than one vacancy in a school, shall we exercise options for each vacancy or one option is enough for all vacancies? One Option is enough for all vacancies in a School and the number of vacancies will be displayed in the website.
6 Whether the teachers can exercise options for all probable vacancies in the list or only the probable vacancies of seniors placed above to him /her in the entitlement points list? Majority teachers are requesting for a chance to exercise options for all probable vacancies. Only  the   probable  vacancies   of  the seniors placed above him / her in the entitlement points list will be available for options.
7 In a High school having NCC Unit, the teachers working  as  NCC  Officer  is  under  compulsory transfer. Whether the teachers belong to other subjects  and  working  as  NCC  Officers  in  other schools can exercise option for that school or same subject teacher only has to exercise option to that school. Other  subject  teacher  can  also  opt  if there is a vacancy of that subject in the NCC schools.
8 If  a  compulsory  applicant  belong  to  Plain  Area, does  he  need  to  chose  all  Vacancies  of  Agency shown as Available Box. Compulsory transfer person has to chose all options of his present area and he can chose other Areas vacancies as optional.   e.g: An applicant belong to Agency area and he is under Compulsory transfer, he as to chose all options of Agency area and he can chose vacancies of Plain are as optional.
9 What  is  eligibility  criteria  to  get  transfer  from Agency to Plain and Plain to Agency Non-Tribes can opt for Agency to Plain and Scheduled Tribes can opt for Plain to agency

Clarifications memo download 

Step by Step Process of Submitting Web Options for Transfers
  1. Teachers have to Logon to official site www.transfers.cdse.telangana.gov.in
  2. Select Services and Click on Teachers Transfer
  3. There will be two options, Web Options entry , Web Options Demo
  4. Click on Web Options entry 
  5. Login with Mobile number and Treasure ID
  6. You get OTP to your Registered Mobile Number
  7. Enter OTP and Click Go
  8. You have an Option to to take print out of Vacancy List by Clicking DOWNLOAD Button
  9. Selection your Options as your Preferences from available vacancies
  10. Here Vacancies are three types 1. Clear Vacancies 2. Compulsary Vacancies 3. Probable Vacancies
  11. You can select your options from CLEAR, COMPLUSORY & PROBABLE vacancies
  12. Select your preferences by Clicking on the Options Given
  13. Now move your selected option from AVAILABLE VACANCIES BOX to OPTED VACANCIES BOX using “>” arrow
  14. You can deselect your options from OPTED VACANCIES BOX using “ < ” arrow
  15. On completion of your selection, press FREEZE to save and submit your preferences.

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