AP Govt to Recruit 18450 posts by Direct Recruitment Group-I,II,iii DSC, Police, Teaching, Other Posts Vacancies details, Notifications 2018

Andhra Pradesh Government to fill Group-I, Group-II, Group-III, DSC, Police, Teaching, Other Posts through Direct Recruitment 2018  AP Govt given perission vide GO 153, Dt: 19-09-2018. AP Government is contemplating for filling up of vacant direct recruitment posts existing in various departments and the Secretariat Departments.  AP Govt to fill  APPSC Group I, Group II, Group III Posts , DSC, Police, Teaching, Health, Lecturers, Other Posts through Direct Recruitment 2018. The State government has decided to fill the vacancies in various departments through APPSC, DSC and Police departments. The existing vacancies include 150 group I posts, 250 group II posts, 1670 group III posts, 1604 vacancies in other departments, 310 polytechnic lecturer posts, 200 junior lecturer posts, 10 APREI society posts, 5 APREI society degree college lecturer posts and 200 degree college posts.

The posts to be filed through DSC include 9,275 including vacancies in ZP, and MPP schools, 5000 municipal school vacancies, 1100 residential schools teacher posts, 750 social welfare residential schools posts, 500 scheduled area ashram schools posts, 350 BC welfare residential schools posts and 175 APREI society teacher posts. Similarly, the Chief Minister gave clearance for filling of 21 vacancies in Information and public relations department including 4 DPRO posts, 12 APRO posts, 5 DETE posts.  

18450 posts to be notified by AP Govt. for Direct Recruitment
Accordingly, necessary indents have been called for from all the Heads of Departments and the Secretariat Departments to announce the notification for APPSC Group I, Group II, Group III Posts Recruitment, Home Department AP Police Posts Recruitment, AP Medical & Health Deprtament Posts Recruitment, APPSC Lecturers Recruitment, Other Posts Recruitment, AP DSC Teachers Recruitment .  AP Teaching Posts i.e AP Gurukulams Teachers Recruitment, AP Residentials Teachers Recruitment, Ashram Schools Teachers Recruitment, AP Tribal, Social, BC Welfares Teachers Recruitment notifications to be issued soon. Chief Minister of AP gave nod for filling of 20,010 vacancies in various government departments in the State. He directed the officials to speed up the appointment process and the respective notifications are likely to be issued shortly. The notifications comes soon after the launch of Mukhyamantri Yuva Nestam website to pay unemployment dole of Rs 1,000 per month to jobless youth from October 2. Now the state govt is ready to take up the appointment process in various departments.

ఏపీలో నిరుద్యోగులకు శుభవార్త 
18450 ఖాళీ పోస్టులు భర్తీ చేయడానికి ఉత్తర్వులు మంజూరు

  1. రాష్ట్రంలో పలు శాఖల్లో ఖాళీగా ఉన్న దాదాపు 18450  పోస్టుల నియమకానికి ప్రభుత్వం గ్రీన్‌ సిగ్నల్‌ ఇచ్చింది.  
  2.  త్వరలోనే ఇందుకు సంబంధించి పూర్తి వివరాలతో నోటిఫికేషన్‌ జారీ చేస్తామని తెలిపింది. 
  3.   గ్రూప్‌ 1, 2, 3, డీఎస్సీతో పాటు పోలీస్‌ శాఖల్లో పోస్టుల భర్తీకి చంద్రబాబు ప్రభుత్వం ఓకే చెప్పింది.
  4.  ఏపీపీఎస్సీ, డీఎస్సీ ద్వారా ప్రత్యక్ష పద్ధతిలో ఖాళీల నియామకం జరపనున్నట్లు అధికారులు తెలిపారు.

మొత్తం పోస్టుల వివరాలు...
గ్రూప్-1 ఖాళీలు  150
గ్రూప్-2 ఖాళీలు   250
గ్రూప్-3 ఖాళీలు   1,670
డీఎస్సీ ద్వారా భర్తీ చేసే ఖాళీలు  9,275
పోలీస్ ఎగ్జిక్యూటివ్, ఏపీఎస్ఎల్‌పీఆర్‌బీ ఖాళీలు  3,000
వైద్య శాఖలో ఖాళీలు  1,604
ఇతర ఖాళీలు  1,636
పాలిటెక్నిక్ లెక్చరర్ పోస్టులు 310
జూనియర్ లెక్చరర్ (ఇంటర్మీడియేట్) పోస్టులు  200
ఏపీఆర్ఈఐ సొసైటీ పోస్టులు  10
ఏపీఆర్ఈఐ సొసైటీ డిగ్రీ కాలేజ్ లెక్చరర్ పోస్టులు  5
డిగ్రీ కళాశాల లెక్చరర్ పోస్టులు  200
సమాచార పౌర సంబంధాల శాఖలో 21 ఖాళీల భర్తీకి ఆమోదం తెలిపింది.
ఇవికాక ముఖ్యమంత్రి చంద్రబాబు అనుమతి ద్వారా
డీపీఆర్‌వో పోస్టులు 4,
ఏపీఆర్‌వో పోస్టులు 12,
డీఈటీఈ పోస్టులు 5 పోస్టుల భర్తీకి కేబినేట్‌ ఆమోదం తెలిపింది.
G.O.MS.No. 153; Dated: 19-09-2018
PUBLIC SERVICES - Recruitment - Filling up of vacant posts through Direct Recruitment – Permission to the Recruiting Agencies - Accorded-Orders - Issued.

Read the following:
1. G.O.Ms.No.110, Finance (HR.I-Plg. & Policy) Department, dated: 17.6.2016.
2. U.O. Note No.Fin.30028/3/2016, dt. 06-09-2017.
3. Proposals received from various departments.

Government is contemplating for filling up of vacant direct recruitment posts existing in various departments and the Secretariat Departments. Accordingly, necessary indents have been called for from all the Heads of Departments and the Secretariat Departments in the reference second read above.

2. Based on the proposals received from all the Heads of Departments and the Secretariat Departments, the Government after careful examination, hereby accord permission for direct recruitment to fill in a total 18450 (eighteen thousand four hundred and fifty) vacancies in different categories including the categories that are classified as

Group-I (182- posts),Group-II (337-posts),Group-III (1670-posts),Police Executive (3000- posts),Medical (1604-posts) andOthers (1657-posts) and alsoTeaching posts (9275-posts) andLecturers (725-posts)
in various categories through direct recruitment from the respective recruiting agencies.

3. The particulars of the vacant direct recruitment posts as indicated in para-2 above are mentioned in annexures appended to this order.

  Sl No   Name of Sectt Dept   Name of the Department/ Unit   Name of the Post   Permission accorded
1. Revenue Department C.C.L.A. Deputy Collectors 30
2. Commissioner, Commercial Taxes Commercial Tax Officer 5
  3. Commissioner, Prob. & Excise Dept. Asst. Prob. & Excise Superintendents.   10
  4.   Home Department DG,Disaster Response & Fire Services   District Fire Officer   1
  5. DG, Prisons & Correctional Services   Dy. Superintendent of Jails   1
6. DGP DSP(Civil) 24
7. Finance Department Director of Treasuries & Accounts ATO/AAO 13
8. TR&B Department Transport Commissioner RTO 5
9. Commr PR&RD MPDO 93

1. Legislature Secretariat Legislature Secretariat Asst., Section Officer 12
    2. General Administration Department, A.P Secretariat     GA (SU.II) Dept.,     Asst., Section Officer     150
3. A&C Department Registrar of Coop Societies Asst., Registrar 23
  4. Finance Department, A.P Secretariat   Finance Department   Asst., Section Officer   15
  5. Law Department, A.P Secretariat   Law Department   Asst., Section Officer   2
6. PR & RD Department Commr PR&RD Extn., Officer 40
7. Revenue Department CCLA Dy. Tahsildar 16
8. Commissioner, Endowments Executive Officer Gr.I 6
9. MA&UD Department CDMA Municipal Commr., Gr.III 3
10. Finance Department Director of Works and Accounts Senior Accountants 20
  11.   Revenue Commissioner, Prob. & Excise Dept.   Excise Sub-Inspectors   50

1. PR&RD Department Commissioner, Panchayat Raj Panchayat Secretary 1000
  2.   Revenue Department   CCLA Junior Assistant-cum - Computer Assistant   670
TOTAL 1670
1. Home Dept. DGP PC(Civil) 1600
2. PC(AR) 300
3. PC(APSP) 300
4. SI(Civil) 150
5. RSI(AR) 75
6. RSI(APSP) 75
7. Home (Cts) Dept Director of Prosecutions Asst Public Prosecutor 50
  8.   Home Department DG, Disaster Response & Fire Services   Station Fire Officer   20
9. Driver Operator 30
10. Firemen 400
TOTAL 3000
  Medical & Health  
1. HM&FW Department Director of Medical education Asst. Professors 243
2. Director PH&FW Civil Asst. Surgeons 1171
3. Commr. APVVP Spl. Civil Asst. Surgeons 155
4. Dental Asst. Surgeons 35
TOTAL 1604
  1. Education (HE-Tech.) Dept. Commissioner, Technical Education   Polytechnic Lecturers   310
    2.   Commissioner, Intermediate Education Junior Lecturers in Intermediate Education Department     200
  3. Social Welfare Department   Secretary, APREI Society   Junior College Lecturers   10
4. Degree College Lecturers 5
  5. Higher Education Department Commissioner, Collegiate Education   Degree College Lecturers   200

1. Legislature Secretariat Legislature Secretariat English Reporter 3
2. Legislative Officer 3
3. Research Officer 2
4. Telugu Reporter 5
5. Asst., Telugu Translator 2
6. Home Department DG, Pri. & Correctional Services Warder 100
7. Warder(Women) 23
8. Dy. Jailor(Male) 10
9. Dy. Jailor(Women) 4
10. TR&B Department ENC(R&B) AEE 25
11. Transport Commissioner AMVI 20
12. LET&F Department Director of Boilers Inspector of Boilers 2
13. EFS & T Department PCCF FRO 20
14. FSO 50
15. FBO 330
16. ABO 100
17. Energy & I&I Dept., Dir. of Electrical Safety Asst Electrical Inspector 2
18. A&C Department Commissioner of Agriculture Agriculture Officer 25
19. Commissioner of Horticulture Horticulture Officer 17
20. Sericulture Officer 13
21. AHDDF Dept Director, Animal Husbandry Veterinary Asst Surgeon 256
  22.   Finance Department   Director of Works & Accounts Divisional Accounts Officer(W)   20
23. PR&RD Department ENC PR&RD (Eng Wing) A.E.Es. 66
  24.   W. R. Department.   ENC (WR)   A.E.Es.   50
25. ENC (WR) A.Es. 50
26. PR&RD Department CE (RWS&S) Section Officers (AE/AEE) 126
  27. WCD,DW & SCs Dept.   WD&CW Dept Extn Officer Gr.I (Supervisor)   100
28. Revenue Dept. Commissioner, Endowment Asst Commissioner 7
29. Asst Engineer 3
30. Executive Officer Gr.III 60
31. AHDDF Dept Commissioner of Fisheries Asst Director of Fisheries 12
32. G.A.(I&PR) Dept. Commissioner, I & P.R. D.P.R.Os. 4
33. D.E.I.Es. 5
34. A.P.R.Os. 12
35. Revenue Dept. Commr, Prob. & Excise Dept. Excise Constables 100
36. Education Dept. Dir., Zilla Grandhalaya Samstha Librarians Gr.II 5
37. Librarians Gr.III 25
TOTAL 1657
OTHERS     Teaching  
1. Education Department Commissioner, School Education DSC 2018 (ZP, MPP) 5000
2. Municipal Vacancies 1100
  3. Tribal Welfare Department   Commissioner, Tribal Welfare Teaching Posts in Gurukulam   1100
  4. Social Welfare Department   Commissioner, Social Welfare Social welfare Residential Educational  Institutions   750
  5. Tribal Welfare Department   Commissioner, Tribal Welfare Ashram School  (Schedule areas)   500
  6. Ashram School  (Non- Schedule areas)   300
  7. B.C Welfare Department B. C. Welfare Residential Schools   350
  8. Social Welfare Department   AP REI Society (Teachers   175
TOTAL 9275
Sl.No Category No. of Posts
1 Group.I 182
2 Group.II 337
3 Group.III 1670
4 Home 3000
5 Medical & Health 1604
6 Lecturers 725
7 Others 1657
8 Teaching 9275
TOTAL 18450
    ** ** ** **

All the Heads of Departments and the Secretariat Administrative Departments shall take necessary action to furnish the details of all vacant posts authorised in this orders including the Zone/District-wise vacancy position, roaster points and qualifications etc., to the respective recruiting agencies concerned immediately.
The Chief Minister directed the officials to complete the appointment process as soon as possible. The APPSC and DSC is likely to issue notification soon. For latest updates keep touch this website www.teachersbuzz.in

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