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Andhra Pradesh Police E-challan System E-challan allows the traffic rule violators to pay their traffic challan through electronically generated challans. It runs out any kind of bribery and introduces transparency to the system. More than that people can pay their challan from their home, offices or anywhere they want. E-challan has made the process very easy for both the traffic police and people by allowing them to pay their challan over the internet.   The Andhra Pradesh government has launched an online portal apechallan.org for the online payment of e-Challan. The Andhra Pradesh state government has also launched an official app to make the payment of e-Challan feasible for the Andhra Pradesh locals. The AP e-Challan app is available for Android as well as iPhone users. The Android users can download the AP e-Challan app from Google Play Store while the iPhone users can download the AP e-Challan app from App Store.

Verify Your Pending E-Challans/Traffic Police Challan on Your vehicle

మీ వాహనంపై పెండింగ్ చలానా లు ఉన్నాయో లేదో వెరిఫై చేసుకోండి.
మన వాహనం ఏవేని రూల్స్అ తిక్రమించినప్పుడు పోలీస్ వారు మనకు తెలియకుండానే విధించిన చలానా వివరాలు  చూసుకోండి. పెండింగ్ చలానాలు ఉంటే పే చేయండి.

According to the Motor Vehicles Act every individual who fails to follow the traffic rules mentioned in the act will be liable to pay some amount of money as fine. It does not matter whether the violation of the traffic was done mistakenly or deliberately. Each time a person violates a traffic rule, he/she is liable to pay the e-Challan through the AP e-Challan online payment portal. The amount of fine depends upon the traffic rule which has violated. The Motor Vehicles Acts describes the traffic rules the violation of which will lead to punishment and payment of the fine. The amount of e-Challan is also pre-determined.

What are the offences for which one can attract a challan?
You can attract a challan or punishment for the offences listed below-
Parking vehicle in the areas where parking is prohibited.
You are exceeding the assigned speed limit for a particular area.
You are driving two-wheeler without a helmet.
A vehicle without authentic vehicle documents.
Not having driving license while driving
Driving on the wrong side of the road.

AP e-Challan Online Payment - Andhra Pradesh Police E-challan System
The Andhra Pradesh state government has provided the locals with the facility to pay online e-Challan. The process to pay e-Challan online includes few easy and simple steps. The steps to pay AP Traffic Police e-Challan online mentioned below:

Step1: The first step is to visit the official website of AP e-Challan which is apechallan.org
Step2: On  homepage Andhra Pradesh Police E-challan System will be appeared
Step3:  Then enter the registration number of their vehicle.
Step4:  For verification purpose, the applicant will also have to fill the ‘captcha’ in the provided field.
Step5:  Then the applicant will have to click on the search button
Step6:  A list will appear on the screen afterwards. The record shows all the AP e-Challan payments and due e-Challan which issued on the name of the applicant.
Step7:  The e-Challan also provides the facility to check whether any e-Challan issued on the name of the applicant.

You can also pay your E-Challan from any APOnline or MeeSeva centers across the state with your RC number or Challan number that you received.

Verify Your Pending E-Challans/Traffic Police Challan on Your vehicle 

AP e-Challan status Know Your Traffic Police Challan official web portal

Check and Pay For Andhra Pradesh Traffic E-Challans

In which cities can I pay AP E-challan online 
This official E-Challan application is for the Andhra Pradesh Police units of1. Ananthapuramu
2. Visakhapatnam
3. Kadapa
4. Guntur
5. Kurnool
6. East Godavari
7. Srikakulam
8. Rajamahendravaram
9. Chittoor
10. Vizianagaram
11. Prakasam

Your location not there in the above list.l? Don’t worry we’ll soon support your region as well.

You can also pay your E-Challan from any APOnline or MeeSeva centers across the state with your RC number or Challan number that you received.

What is the time limit for paying the E-Challan once it is issued?

You can pay the e-challan within the first 15 days after it has been issued. If you fail to pay your e-challan in 15 days then you will have to pay a late fee, the penalty amount differs from one state to another. Note that, if you do not pay your challan for a longer time then you can face strict punishments.

AP eChallan android mobile app download

The Official Andhra Pradesh Police Traffic E-Challan Application authorised by the Andhra Pradesh Police Department and Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Authority.

Now you have Everything at your Fingertips in real time.

Create your profile with your vehicles to get notified on New Challans Raised against your vehicles. So never miss a payment on your challans

Who wants to buys someone else’s challans along with their vehicle or keep track of how obedient their dear ones are obeying traffic rules . So now you can search for all pending challans on your vehicles and pay right then and there through the App or to list all the violation history of a particular vehicle.

We offer a lot of FAQ's and Driver education is definitely our Forte for betterment of road safety on our roads.

We also keep track of all MV Act Sections and the Fines being levied by the Police department live!

AP E-Challan Mobile Android App Download

Traffic fine check  - Telangana RTO e challan/ Penality on your vehicle 

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