Covid-19 Emergency Pass Application AP,TS Lockdown Corona Curfew Essential Services Digital Pass Apply Online

Covid-19 Emergency Pass Andhra Pradesh, Telangana:  Application Procedure of COVID-19 AP,TS Lockdown Corona Curfew E-Pass Apply Online, check status and download e-pass 
COVID-19 E-Pass Apply Online  State Wise  Lockdown Corona Curfew Pass Application Form, Procedure COVID-19 Essential Services Digital Pass : Lockdown COVID 19 E-Pass Apply Online for All States Application Form Corona Curfew Pass Here: Covid-19 Lockdown: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the issue of Emergency Passes for Essential Services. The Government of Andhra Pradesh is issuing Covid-19 Emergency Passes to organizations which are engaged in manufacturing, transport, sale of essential commodities and providing essential services to ensure availability of essential commodities and services in the State. The application process for the Covid-19 E-Pass is mentioned in the attached document. To get Lockdown E-Pass apply with your details and reasons to get pass COVID-19 లాక్‌డౌన్ వ్యవధిలో అత్యవసరమైన సేవలకు ఇ-పాస్ కోసం దరఖాస్తు చేసుకోండి. POLICE E-PASS MANAGEMENT ఈ లాక్ డౌన్ సమయంలో మీరు అత్యవసర పరిస్థితుల్లో ఎక్కడైనా వెళ్లాలనుకుంటే పోలీస్ డిపార్ట్ మెంట్ ... ప్రవేశపెట్టిన ఆన్ లైన్ పాస్ సర్వీస్ ను వినియోగించుకోండి. 

COVID 19 E-Pass Online
The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has announced Lockdown Live on TV and requested to all people to follow the orders. Due Corona Virus (COVID 19), Indian Govt. has Lockdown all country for 21 days. During this process, any people cannot go outside form the home. So the government has decided to start the E-Pass Service for Essential Service. So candidates can apply for the Online Curfew Passes. These Pass can be shown to the policemen and will be allowed to the movement of the pass holder.

Corona Curfew Online Pass India
All the candidates know that India is under 21 days lockdown to fight against Corona Virus. During this period, all the people will have to stay in their home and don’t move outside without work. Therefore all Indian States have started the Pass of E-Pass System to confirm that only needy people can move out. So those candidates who want need to go outside and apply for COVID-19 Curfew Pass Application form through state wise official web site.

COVID-19 లాక్‌డౌన్ వ్యవధిలో అత్యవసరమైన సేవలకు ఇ-పాస్ కోసం దరఖాస్తు చేసుకోండి 
If you  want to go anywhere in emergency  during this lockdown period use the Police Department  Online Pass Service introduced by the Police Department.

Covid-19 Emergency Pass (Andhra Pradesh)
1. What is Covid-19 Emergency Pass?
• Government has taken the step to issue Covid-19 Emergency Passes to organisations which are engaged in manufacturing, transport, sale of essential commodities and providing essential services, by working with limited staff to ensure availability of essential commodities and services in the state.

Essential commodities and services are defined in the GO RT no 289, dated 26.03.2020 issued by the Agriculture and Cooperation (MKTG II) Department. For the purpose of issuing of passes, the organisations have
been divided into two categories:
i. Organizations which are involved in supplying and retail sale of
Essential Commodities & supply of Essential Services.
ii. Organizations which are involved in Manufacturing of Essential Commodities
• Only 20 % of the Organization Staff is entitled to work (minimum of 5) & issuance of Covic-19 E-Pass with prescribed terms & conditions.

2. Why is this Covid-19 Emergency Pass Service Launched?
• The pass is meant for private sector employees who work in factories/offices/establishments which are engaged in the production or supply of essential goods or services as listed in GO RT no 289, dated 26.03.2020 issued by the Agriculture and Cooperation (MKTG II) Department.

3. Who applies for this pass?
The owner/employer/head of the organisation applies for the pass on behalf of all the employees. If the owner/employer/head of the organisation requires the pass, he/she should also apply in the employee category.

4. Who does not need this pass?
Pass is not required for the following category of people:
• Employees working in the government offices.
• General public to move out to purchase essential commodities/services
during the stipulated time (6am to 11am).
• Vehicles engaged in the transport of goods including attender of the vehicle.
• Farmer transporting agricultural produce/ horticulture produce and aqua

5. Who approves/ rejects the application?
• Joint collector of the district, who is the chairman of the District Control
Centre is the authority for approval and rejection of the application.
6. What is the Process Flow?
• Organization owner (Employer) of below mentioned categories are entitled to apply for Covid-19 Emergency Pass under:
i. Category 1: Transport, Sale of Essential Commodities and Providing Essential Services.
Owner of the organization (Employer) needs to apply for Covid-19 Emergency pass by filling the mandatory fields of employer & employees.
a. The application will be sent to District Control Centre for verification.
b. The concerned department officer (Department to which that essential commodity relates to) along with the help of the police officer present in the control room will vet the application and close the application as either approved or Rejected.
ii. Category 2: Manufacturing of Essential Commodities Owner of the organization (Employer) needs to apply for Covid-19 Emergency pass by filling the mandatory fields of employer & employees.
a. The Application will be sent to Tahsildar/Municipal Commissioner for verification.
b. Tahsildar/ Municipal Commissioner will verify the details of the application by conducting local enquiry & submit the report online using the specified checklist. The filled checklist will then be submitted to District control centre.
c. The District control centre will cross-verify the inputs shared by Tahsildar/ Municipal  Commissioner & then will either Approve or Reject the application.
In both the categories 1 & 2, once the approval is given, the pass will be sent to employee mobile numbers in a SMS format with encrypted QR Code. The SMS will have a web-link which when clicked opens up a printable format with encrypted QR Code. The police personnel at the check posts are provided with QR code reader. In case of rejected category, a message will be sent to the applicants.

7. How to apply for the Pass?
The application for the Covid-19 Emergency Pass can be made at https://gramawardsachivalayam.ap.gov.in/CVPASSAPP/CV/CVOrgani zationRegistration

8. What is the grievance redressal mechanism for the applicant?
a. Applicants can contact the help line number 1902 for registering their Grievances.
b. Once the grievance is registered at the call centre, it will be sent to Joint Collector.
c. Joint Collector is the authorized person to verify & redress the grievances as Approved/Rejected

How to get travel E-Pass in  during COVID Lockdown period

  1. Essential Services List to get E-Pass
  2. Food Supply 
  3. Water Supply
  4. Postal Sevices
  5. Death Case
  6. Patient
  7. Essential supply Distribution
  8. Private Health Practitioner
  9. Essential Supply Transportation
  10. General Stores
  11. Retailer
  12. Other Govt.Employees

Requirements to get E-Pass

  1. Applicants Disrict
  2. Applicant Village (Town)Name
  3. Applicant Name
  4. ID Proof
  5. Mobile Number
  6. Vehicle Registration Number
  7. Or any Other required documents

To get Lockdown E-Pass  apply with your details and reasons to get pass 

Covid-19 Emergency Pass Telangana Website

Covid-19 Emergency Pass (Andhra Pradesh)Click here to download

G.O. Rt. No. 289 - List of Essential Services/Commodities, Transport Services, Movement of staff/employees - Exemption from Lockdown - Agriculture & Cooperation Department 
Click here to download

E- Pass Online State Wise Websites  
State Name Online E-Pass Website Link
Delhi epass.jantasamvad.org
Gurugram Onemapggm.gmda.gov.in
Haryana Covidssharyana.in
Uttar Pradesh Apply OnlineLink 2 Link 3 Link 4
Madhya Pradesh www.mapit.gov.in
Jharkhand Apply Here
Uttrakhand Policecitizenportal.uk.gov.inFor Dehradun- Webline.org.in Check Dehradun Pass Status
Kolkata Coronapass.kolkatapolice.org
Assam Apply Here
Chandigarh Apply Online Below-Admser.chd.nic.in/dpc/
Punjab epasscovid19.pais.net.in
Goa Goaonline.gov.in
Himachal Pradesh Covidepass.hp.gov.in
Tamil Nadu Apply OnlineFor Tiruvannamalai- Epasskki.in Notice
Kerala Pass.bsafe.kerala.gov.in
Maharashtra Covid19.mhpolice.in
Rajasthan Apply HereAll PASS Related Qsn List
Bihar Apply OnlineHow to Apply PDF For Katihar Apply Application Form Format
West Bengal Update Soon
Karnataka For BengaluruKSP Clear Pass for Individual KSP Clear Pass for Organisation
Gujarat Check Here
Andhra Pradesh Check Here
Odisha Check Here
Telangana Check Here
Chhattisgarh Apply Here

Types of Movement Pass
There are two types of movement passes:

  1. An individual having an emergency (like visiting doctor/buying essential items)
  2. For individuals engaged in the delivery of emergency/essential services within and outside Delhi during the period of lockdown.

Frequently asked questions

Do Medical staff, hospital workers, doctors and nurses need corona covid-19 lockdown e-pass?
No, Medial Staff do not need COVID-10 E-Pass if they have valid ID card of working place.

Are ATM and bank open during lockdown?
Yes, all banks and ATM will be operative though out the COVID lockdown.

Do we need COVID-19 Lockdown pass for going to ATM and banks?
No, You don’t need lockdowd E-pass for ging to ATM/Bank.

How Can I apply for COVID-19 E-Pass?
You can visit state wise website provided in this article to make your lockdown e-pass.

How need Lockdown e-pass?
Essential personal providing service and those in emergency.

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