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TS Baseline Test Question Papers -3Rs 3rd,4th,5th Telugu,English,Maths Achievement Test.

TS Baseline Test Question Papers -3rd, 4th, 5th Telugu, English, Maths 3Rs Programme -Children Achievement Level Test(CALT): TS Badi Bata Baseline Test 2017 3rd, 4th, 5th Telugu, English, Maths Question Papers. TS SSA released Badibata baseline test question Papers 2017 , Teachers Modules on TS Baseline Exams 2017 to test the Children Achievement Levels of 3rd 4th 5th classes in Telugu, English, Maths subjects. SCERT Telangana issued  TS Schools Children Achievement Level Test(CALT) Question Papers/ Guidelines and instructions for Implementation of remedial teaching programme .So, the teachers can Download Remedial Teaching day wise schedule School Education Dept of Telangana State SCERT Telangana Minimum levels achievement Programme  in Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools guidelines. Teachers can download Badi Bata 2017 Base line Test Question Papers from here.

TS Baseline Test Question Papers  3rd 4th 5th Telugu English Maths  Pre Test Papers 2017:
Director of School Education, Telangana isssued guidelines for conducting Remedial Teaching Programme(RTP) to Primary, Upper Primary and high schools. Before starting of RTP, first A Base line test should be conducted to 3rd class to 8th class students in Telugu, English, Mathematics subjects . In this connection, Baseline Test Question papers have been prepared and sent to all the DEOs. DSE Telangana prepared the remedial teaching material and sent to all the schools to improve the basis competencies of reading, writing and arithmetic to all the students who do not possess competencies under 3Rs Basic competencies improvement programme. TS Baseline Test Question Papers Telugu English Maths Pre Test Papers are uploaded to download.

Baseline Test Question Papers Download for 3rd, 4th, 5th Classes Telugu English Maths Subjects:
S.No Question Papers Subject   Subject   Subject  
1 3rd Class Base line Test Question Papers Telugu English Maths
2 4th Class Base line Test Question Papers Telugu English Maths
3 5th Class Base line Test Question Papers Telugu English Maths

3Rs Programme -Children Achievement Level Test Remedial Teaching Schedule 2017:
Base Line Conducting Dates: 24-03-2017
 End of RTP/3Rs Programme on or before 22-04-2017
➪ 3Rs Programme Schedule: March 21 to April 23, 2017 

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Objectives of 3Rs Remedial Teaching Programme(RTP) :The main objective of the 3Rs Basic competencies improvement programme/Remedial Teaching Programme(RTP) is to impart the basic skills such as reading, writing, simple arithmetic for those children who lack them. Baseline test is being conducted in Telangana schools. The test is to find how students learned the previous year syllabus, for example if students write 5th Class baseline test then they write the exam based on the 4th class syllabus. We have given model question papers for baseline test 2017 class wise, we uploaded. The subject wise Telugu English, Maths for all classes, pre test is conducted for students in April starting week. Children Achievement Level Test CALT question Papers from Classes 3rd 4th 5th, Badi Bata Base Line test question papers Download for the Subjects Telugu, English, Maths for Primary Classes.

TS Baseline Test - Instructions to Teachers/Action Plan:
1. Children Achievement Level Test Baseline Test question papers in Telugu,English and Maths should be conducted.
2. For each competency have 5 questions.
3. If student gives 4 correct answers out of 5 questions, A grade should be given to student
4.  If student gives 2 or 3 correct  answers out of 5 questions. B grade should be given to student
5. If student does 1 or None correct answers out of 5 question, C grade should be given to student
6. After, Completion of evaluation, divide the children in to 3 groups like A Group, B Group & C Group.
7. Teacher should teach the regular syllabus to 1st and 2nd Classes as per Academic Calendar
8. In the morning session, Teachers should teach regular syllabus subject to 3rd to 5th Classes,
9. In the afternoon session, Teachers should implement the minimum levels of achieving LEP-3Rs competencies and teach with remedial teaching material
10. For 3rd to 5th Classes morning session Regular Teaching subject wise implement minimum levels of achieving LEP-3R competencies

Remedial Teaching Programme(RTP) /3Rs Programme in Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools. Download the Baseline Test Question Papers ,3Rs Programme -Children Achievement Level Test(CALT) Guidelines.

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