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Jawahar Navodaya Entrance Exam 2019 Notification | JNVS Entrance Test 2019 Applications
 #JNV Selection Test 2019 Schedule released for conducting the Navodaya6th class entrance exam across the country in all the States for 6th Class Admissions in JNVs. Navodaya Entrance Exam 2019 |JNVS Entrance Test 2019 |JNVS Selection Test 2019 Jawahar Navodaya Entrance Exam 2019 Notification,  Admission into Navodaya Schools, Navodaya Entrance Exam 2019, JNVS Entrance Test 2019, JNVS Selection Test 2019, JNV Selection Test 2019, How to apply, JNV Entrance Exam date, Last date for apply, Eligibility, Application form, schedule, important dates, how to apply, how to fill the application form, Results. JNV Selection Test 2019 Schedule has been released for conducting the entrance exam across India in all the States for 6th Class Admissions in JNVs. Navodaya Entrance Test 2019 Notification released for admission into Class VI in Navodaya Vidyalayas for 2019-2020.

Navodaya Entrance Exam 2019 Notification for admission into navodaya schools
Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti Entrance Notification 2019 has been announced as per schedule in each district of all States of India. This notification was announced through press media by the NVS  Regional Officials. NVS Officials will invite the applications from eligible candidates for admission into class VI for academic year 2019-20.

Navodaya Entrance Exam Date:
నవోదయ విద్యాలయం 6 వ తరగతి ప్రవేశానికి ONLINE Application విడుదల.. 
*చివరి తేదీ 30 నవంబర్ 

*పరీక్ష తేదీ 6 ఏప్రిల్ 
"JNV Selection Test for admission to Class-VI in JNVs for the academic session 2019-20 will be held on Saturday, the 6 April 2019 at 11:15 A.M. in one phase for all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas. "

Eligibility Conditions
For All Candidates

  1.   Only candidates from the district where the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya has been opened are eligible to apply for admission. However, in the district where the JNV is opened and is bifurcated at a later date, the old boundaries of the district are considered for the purpose of eligibility for admission in the JNVs. This applies to cases where new Vidyalaya has not yet been started in the newly bifurcated district .
  2.  Candidates appearing for the selection test must be studying in Class-V for the entire academic session in a Government/Government-Aided, other recognized school or ‘B’ Certificate Competency Course of National Institute of Open Schooling, in the same district where he/she seeks admission. 
  3. A school will be deemed to have been recognized if it is declared so by the Government or by any other agency authorized on behalf of the Government. Schools, where students have obtained ‘B’ certificate under National Institute of Open Schooling should have accreditation of NIOS. A candidate must successfully complete Class-V. Actual admission in Class-VI will be subject to these conditions.
  4.  A candidate seeking admission must be within the age group of 9 to 13 years. This is applicable to candidates of all categories, including those who belong to the Scheduled Castes(SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs).
  5.   A candidate claiming admission from rural quota must have studied and passed Classes- III, IV and V from a Govt./Govt. Aided/ recognised school spending one full academic session each year in a school located in a rural area.
  6.   A candidate who has studied in a school located in an urban area even for a single day of a session in any of the Classes-III, IV or V, will be considered as an Urban area candidate. Urban areas are those, which are so notified in the 2001 Census or through a subsequent Government Notification. All other areas will be considered as rural.
  7.   A candidate who has not been promoted and admitted to Class-V before 30th September, is not eligible to apply.
  8.   No candidate is eligible to appear in the JNV Selection Test for a second time, under any circumstances.

Reservation for Rural, SC/ST, Girls & Disabled Children

  1.    At least 75% of the seats in a district will be filled by candidates selected from rural areas and remaining seats will be filled up from the urban areas of the district.
  2.   There is a provision for reservation of seats for SC and ST candidates in proportion to their population in the district but not less than the national average
  3.    1/3 of the seats are reserved for girl students.
  4.    There is a provision for reservation of 3% seats for disabled children (i.e. Orthopedically Handicapped, Hearing Impaired and Visually Handicapped).

For Urban Candidates:
A Candidate who has studied in a school located in an urban area even for a single day of session in Class-III, IV and V will be considered as an urban candidate. Urban areas are those which are so defined in 2001 census or through a subsequent Government Notification. All other areas will be considered as rural.

Composition of the test
The medium of the Test (JNVST) will be in any language out of 21 languages as notified.

Exam. Papers of JNVST  Class-VI
Subject                 Time             Weightage
Mental Ability        60 Minutes     50 %
Arithmetic         30 Minutes     25 %
Language         30 Minutes     25 %

How to apply:
1. Online Mode: The eligible candidate/parent will be required to carry a brief self declaration form duly certified by the parent/ Head Master of the school in which the child is studying in class V, and visit the nearest outlet of Common Service Centre of Ministry of IT, Govt. of India for uploading the application by paying an amount of Rs. 35/- for uploading and Rs. 10/- for Printing charges of Admitcard. Online Application for admission in class VI in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas available through Common Service Centres situated nearby Village/Town/Taluka /Districts of States/UTs.  Additional Provision to apply for admission to class VI( 2019-19) through JNVST 2019 announced. Check the notification.

2. Offline Mode: The application form which is being made available to all the Mandal Educational Officers of the Warangal District (old boundaries for Navodaya Vidyalaya) on free of cost. If they want more copies to apply they can get same by Xerox and directly submit, by hand, to the Principal, JNV, Concenred district directly and obtain acknowledgement.  

Both off line and online formats can also be downloaded from the websites of www.navodayahyd.gov.in / www.nvshg.org In the same connection.
How to register Online for J NV Selection Test 2019?
(i) The process for applying for JNV Selection Test has been simplified through online process. Detailed and intensive verification of proofs for residence, age, eligibility etc will be done for successful candidates through the laid down procedure.
(ii) The eligible candidates along with his /her parent/guardians may approach "Common Service Centre" along with duly filled in certificate from the Head Master of School wher e the candidate is studying in Class V. The format of ce tificate may be downloaded from Samiti website www.nvshq.org The sample of format is enclosed.
(iii) In case of candidates from NIOS, candidates should obtain `B’ certificate and residence should be in the same district where he / she is seeking admission.

The application for JNV Selection Test 2019 is being processed through "Common Service
Centre" of Ministry of IT, Govt. of India. Common Service Centre has a wider range with
2.6 lac centres across the country virtually covering every village. As per the MOU with NVS, Common Service Centre will be charging Rs 35/¬(Rupees thirty five only) towards service charge to upload the application form per candidate.

JNV Selection Test -2019 Schedule:
JNV Selection Test for admission to Class-VI in JNVs for the academic session 2019-20 will be held as per following schedule.
Navodaya 6th Class Entrance Exam 2019 Schedule Released. 
Online Application Starts on 01.10.2018
Apply Online Last date 15-12-2018
"Navodaya 6th Class Entrance Exam on 6th April 2019"

Navodaya Entrance 2019 application form:

#Navodaya class-VI entrance exam Notification form ➧Download

# Register for class-VI JNVST 2019-20 Click Here

Important Note
Online Application Process Involves 2 Steps:

Submission of Personal Details (including uploading of Images).Kindly keep the scanned copy of candidate's signature, parent's signature, candidate's photograph and class V certificate (Size:10-100 KB in .JPG/.jpg format) ready before filling up personal details.

 Note:If all the are not completed,then your candidature will not be considered.

#JNVST Navodaya Entrance Exam 2019 Official website : https://navodaya.gov.in/nvs/en/Home1

# Apply Online Procedure Click Here

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Selection and Admission:
1. Selection in the test will not vest any right on the candidates to secure admission into the JNV. At the time of seeking actual admission, each selected candidate will have to produce all relevant certificates, as prescribed by the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti. Until admission, the selection is provisional.
2. In case of any dispute, the decision of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti shall be final and binding on the candidates.
3. Marks obtained by candidates (both selected and unselected) in the test are not communicated.
There is no provision for re-evaluation of the answer scripts. Since the result is processed through computer and sufficient care is taken to ensure accuracy through various checks in processing the result, no request for re-totaling of marks will be entertained.
4. It may also be noted by the candidates and their parents/guardians that under the scheme of JNVs, students of a JNV located in Hindi speaking State may have to be migrated to another JNV in Non-Hindi Speaking State and vice-versa for one academic year when the students are promoted to Class IX. In case of refusal from the students selected for migration, continuation of such students in JNV will not be allowed.
5. The candidates and their parents/guardians may note that the children selected on the basis of the Test will be admitted only in the JNV located in the district from where they are appearing at the JNVST. Under no circumstances, the selected candidate will be given admission to any other JNV. No request for shifting of students on account of medium of instruction in the JNV concerned, shifting of parents/guardians to other district(s) State(s) etc. will be entertained.
6. Candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs) will have to produce a certificate of the Caste/Tribe at the time of seeking admission, if selected. Such certificate should be procured from the competent authority before  July, of the year of seeking admission so that it may be submitted to the Principal of concerned JNV at the time of admission.
7. Candidates belonging to the disabled category (Orthopedically Handicapped, Hearing Impaired and Visually Handicapped) if selected will have to produce a medical certificate signed by Chief Medical Officer of the District concerned at the time of admission.
8. Candidates belonging to the disabled category  (Orthopedically Handicapped, Hearing Impaired and Visually Handicapped) can seek admission in the district in which they are studying in Class V on regular basis at the time of applying for JNVST or their native district where his/her parents are residing.

NVS Website and Aapply online :   https://navodaya.gov.in/nvs/en/Home1 

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